Wolf Jewelry

Our highly detailed wolf necklace indicates one's keen character. Known for mystic howls and adventurous travels in unified packs, the sharp wolf naturally develops close relationships and strong social bonds. They often demonstrate deep affection for their family and are masters of survival. Wolf jewelry represents such a way of life. Our gold wolf chains serve as a spiritual guardian and a symbol of loyalty, intelligence, and instinct. These wolf necklaces come available hand-detailed and polished with just diamond eyes, or fully diamond encrusted throughout the entire gold wolf pendant. Bear for yourself a gold wolf necklace to represent your independence or give this perfect gift to the alpha-mate in your life. Each wolf necklace is hand-crafted and exceptionally hand-detailed to perfection.


Didn’t find the right wolf necklace for you? No worries, we can custom make any piece just the way you like it. Send us a message to inquire about our custom jewelry here.