Catholic Jewelry

Virgin Mary Pendant Necklace

Known around the world as a symbol of virtue, the Virgin Mary lives on forever in our signature Catholic Jewelry collection. Handcrafted and detailed at our Los Angeles headquarters, these Virgin Mary pendant necklace pieces merge sophisticated style with an intricate, yet timeless design.

Exquisite Design

We carry a number of exquisite Virgin Mary pendant necklaces, from close-up sculptures of the Virgin Mary’s face and veil, to full-body designs of the Virgin of Guadalupe standing in all her humble glory. Our Catholic Jewelry pieces include Micro Lady of Guadalupe Piece, a Fully Iced Micro Virgin Mary Piece, and a Baby Lady of Guadalupe Piece.

Depending on the piece, you can choose various qualities of silver, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold for a Virgin Mary pendant that speaks to you and your style.

Customize Your Catholic Jewelry

If any Virgin Mary pendant necklace in our Catholic Jewelry collection inspires you, you can send us a message to inquire about customization options. Our team can bring to life your original design for a unique Virgin Mary piece that’s yours and yours alone. Place your order with IF & Co. today.

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