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Skull Jewelry

Skull Jewelry

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Nano Skull Piece (Partially iced) (14K YELLOW GOLD) - IF & Co. Custom Jewelers
Nano Skull Piece (Partially iced) Sale priceFrom $1,400.00
Micro Skull Piece (Partially Iced) (14K YELLOW GOLD) - IF & Co. Custom Jewelers
Micro Skull Piece (Partially Iced) Sale priceFrom $2,400.00

The Skull Collection by IF & Co.: where luxury is redefined and boldness is celebrated. It's more than just jewelry of mayhem. It's an icon.

At the heart of this collection lies the skull necklace, reimagined. With its sleek lines and stunning diamond embellishments, each necklace is more than a piece of jewelry - it's an experience. The gold skull pendant, our signature piece, is crafted with precision, embodying elegance in every curve and angle.

Our skull chains are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Each link is a reflection of our dedication to design and detail, culminating in an exquisite gold skull pendant that's both classic and contemporary.

And then there are our skull pendants. Each one is a bold statement, designed for those who dare to redefine elegance. These pendants are not just ornaments; they are symbols of sophistication and rebellion, crafted for the discerning.