Gold Grills

Grillz have returned and taken the jewelry world by storm. Popularized in the early 2000's, gold grillz were common but the craft was not perfected. In 2008-2009, gold grills slowly became unpopular, which then they became absent In the world of custom jewelry. Custom grills made a comeback in the recent years, and today, a nice pair of gold grillz have earned the title to the most fun addition to your jewelry collection. We invite you to look into our selection of gold grillz and discover the best custom grillz design to leave you shining with gold teeth when you smile. We craft our teeth grillz for upmost luster and shine so you can enjoy the best looks and comfort when rocking gold teeth. We smile everyday. Consider improving your smile with some gold grills. At a minimum, our gold grills start at 14k gold. For safety reasons, we are currently limiting to adults ages 18 or older only.