Gold Grills

The Best Custom 14K Gold Grillz

A set of custom gold grillz are for those who truly appreciate quality jewelry. Popularized in the early 2000's, 14k gold grillz have since evolved to become one of the most desired pieces for any jewelry collector with endless customization options for optimal luxury and elegance.

All of our grills are available in traditional yellow gold , white gold, or rose gold, and in a range of gold qualities. At a minimum, our gold grills start at 14k gold. For safety reasons, we are currently limiting to adults ages 18 or older only.

Open Face Gold Grill

Our open faced 14k gold grillz perfectly frame your smile, offering the ideal balance of gold and diamonds while offering a captivating contrast against your natural teeth.

Gold Grill

An iconic piece of jewelry that is always in style, these solid gold grillz are the standard bearer in mouth jewelry. Our world class team of artisan jewelers have extensive experience crafting these classic grills, with each tooth individually detailed and polished for maximum shine.

Satin Gold Grill

A modern twist on a classic, our satin finish gold grillz give you the same stylings as the original, but with a smooth finish.

Created Just For You

All of our gold grillz are custom fit for just for you, so you will need to visit your dentist for a fresh set of impressions before we get to work. If you’re inspired by our standard grill designs but have ideas of your own, send us a message and let our team further customize your gold grillz. Order your set of diamond and gold grills from IF & Co. today.

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