Nano Zodiac Necklace: Taurus
Nano Zodiac Necklace: Taurus
Nano Zodiac Necklace: Taurus
Nano Zodiac Necklace: Taurus
Nano Zodiac Necklace: Taurus
Nano Zodiac Necklace: Taurus

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Nano Zodiac Necklace: Taurus

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The Taurus spirit animal is widely represented as the bull. This earth sign is well known for its reliability and dependability. This aesthetic driven sign enjoys the finer things in life and strives for excellence. Known for their love of a calming atmosphere, the Taurus enjoys a serene vibe whenever possible.

Though the Taurus can be very opinionated and strong willed, they also possess a lot of patience and make excellent friends or partners. This highly attentive sign cares deeply for their loved ones. 

Our Taurus Zodiac necklace height measures approximately 0.9" tall holding about 0.30ct of our VS+ quality diamonds. Matching necklace is included.

A perfect addition or gift that can be cherished and compassionate until the end of time. Specially made for those born between April 20th and May 20th.

Our jewelry is crafted with the highest quality of material, aesthetic and craftsmanship available in the industry. We use the finest natural materials available to ensure longevity and beauty for generations to come. Every piece is branded with our Hallmark IF logo to represent true standards in quality and aesthetics.

The presentation can be as important as the gift! All jewelry from IF & Co. comes beautifully placed in our signature gift packaging. Your order will be delivered ready-to-gift to family, friend or a loved one.

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