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Nano Zodiac Necklace (Pisces)

Sale price$1,800.00

Pisces have so much to offer- from their distinct grace to being compassionate and empathetic, this emotionally sensitive zodiac sign deeply cares for the well being of others. They are truly thoughtful and will go out of their way to ensure the happiness of those they love.

Pisces are deeply imaginative and creative individuals. They are truly amazing in the sense that they carry a huge amount of empathy that is unmatched to any other zodiac sign- they feel much deeper than others.

Our Pisces Zodiac necklace height measures approximately 0.9" tall holding about 0.30ct of our VS+ quality diamonds. Matching necklace is included.

A perfect addition or gift that can be cherished and compassionate until the end of time. Specially made for those born between February 19th and March 20th.




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Nano Zodiac Necklace: Pisces (14K YELLOW GOLD) - IF & Co. Custom Jewelers
Nano Zodiac Necklace (Pisces) Sale price$1,800.00