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Nano Zodiac Necklace (Gemini)

Sale price$1,800.00

Gemini is widely known as the sign with two sides. On one hand, they are highly intellectual and funny, but on the other, they can exude a self-absorbed manner which doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Gemini can also be extremely outgoing and are a natural people person. They make great friends despite their short attention span. Their curiosity keeps them motivated- they are happily ready to learn new things and are highly adaptable people.

Our Gemini Zodiac necklace height measures approximately 0.9" tall holding about 0.30ct of our VS+ quality diamonds. Matching necklace is included.

A perfect addition or gift that can be cherished and compassionate until the end of time. Specially made for those born between May 21st and June 20th.




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Nano Zodiac Necklace: Gemini (14K YELLOW GOLD) - IF & Co. Custom Jewelers
Nano Zodiac Necklace (Gemini) Sale price$1,800.00