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Nano Royal King's Crown Piece (Fully Iced)

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The King's Crown crafted in solid gold with diamonds. A crown necklace to exhibit one's royal highness. Dating back to mythical kingdoms and days of ruling monarchies, there was one man who all of his empire during his era. That man was the Royal King. The Royal King ruled his kingdom to dictate order for the better of his family, his land and the people. He was one who many looked up to for leadership and difficulties during times of war, and it was the King's duty to guide his people in the best direction. Here is our Royal King's Crown necklace crafted into a gold diamond crown necklace. Our Royal diamond crown necklace is hand detailed to a lustrous finish. Your kingdom awaits, claim your crown and be entitled to true power with this gold crown necklace. A matching chain is included. Total diamond weight approximately 0.30 carat. Total height approximately 0.65" tall. Nano sized.

    Nano Royal King's Crown Piece (Fully Iced)
    Nano Royal King's Crown Piece (Fully Iced) Sale price$1,350.00