Gold Pharaoh Pendant

Inspired by the adornments of great ancient Egyptian rulers, you’ll achieve the highest form of respect when sporting our Pharaoh Jewelry. Our diamond and gold pharaoh pendant collection features monumental pieces that’ve been handcrafted, using the finest precious metals and top quality jewels available. Our pharaoh diamond pendant is a brilliant, sophisticated statement piece to add to your collection.

Superior Quality

Expertly detailed for premium quality, our gold pharaoh pendant is an exemplary piece of our superior craftsmanship. Each lustrous pharaoh pendant is made using the highest quality materials, available in your choice of yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold and comes with a matching chain.

Adorned in stunning diamonds, either partially or fully iced, your pharaoh pendant is hand-detailed and finished by artisan jewelers at our headquarters in Los Angeles.

Customize Your Pharaoh Piece

If the majesty of these gold pharaoh pendants inspires you, send us a message and let our world-famous team create a custom piece based on your original design. Embrace the grandeur of ancient nobility when you shop our Pharaoh Jewelry collection today.