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Article: Filming with Riot Games for LCS 2024 (League of Legends)

Filming with Riot Games for LCS 2024 (League of Legends)

Filming with Riot Games for LCS 2024 (League of Legends)

The Intersection where Competitive Gaming & Luxury Meet

For decades, legends in various fields have turned to IF & Co. for their custom jewelry needs. This year, we're honored that Riot Games chose to collaborate with us for the League of Legends LCS 2024 Pro League Promo Video, titled "Who’s Next?" 🏆

We're delighted to showcase our IF & Co. showroom in LCS Official’s latest promo, offering a fun and quirky start to 2024 in the MOBA Esports scene. Our team had an incredible day working alongside professional esports players and an enthusiastic film crew, contributing to the scenes that bring this vibrant world to life. The collaboration, featuring our Los Angeles jewelry store in the LCS 2024 opening promotional video, combines a twist of luxury jewelry with the dynamic energy of esports pro players and League of Legends, a globally-recognized leading online game in the esports universe.

Riot Games: Shaping the Esports Landscape

Forerunners of the Digital Arena 

Esports has evolved into a global entertainment giant, with League of Legends at its core. The LCS 2024 schedule is a testament to this, showcasing thrilling competition and strategic gameplay that captivates a worldwide audience. For over a decade, Riot Games has played a crucial role in defining competitive gaming. 

The significant role of Riot Games in the esports industry is undeniable. As the creators of League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra, they have been instrumental in defining what competitive gaming can be. Their commitment to excellence and community engagement has made each LCS schedule memorable landmark events, celebrated for their high-caliber play and production quality.

Peeking into League of Legends

Champions and Characters: The Heart of the Game

Our collaboration with Riot Games brought a fun and exciting dimension to the LCS 2024 promo, highlighting IF & Co.'s some of signature and custom jewelry amidst the familiar theme of this year’s LCS opening: “Who’s Next?” and League of Legends. The game's beloved characters, such as the enchanting mage Ahri, the skilled martial artist Lee Sin, and the prodigal explorer Ezreal all exemplify creativity and mastery – values deeply ingrained in our jewelry-making ethos.

Champions of the Past

Legends of Past LCS Events

Reflecting on the legends from the pre-2023 LCS events, we hope for great excitement of the upcoming 2024 LCS Spring Split, a showcase of the evolving competitive landscape of League of Legends pro players. 


IF & Co. Custom Jewelry

Crafting Legendary Loot in Real Life

As we revel in this unique and fun development, we extend an invitation to our customers and readers to discover the world of IF & Co.'s custom jewelry. Our creations are more than jewelry as they're physical narratives of your style, luxury, wins and achievements. While the LCS and League of Legends continue to enthral, remember that IF & Co. is here to craft jewelry as unique and remarkable as the real champions of esports. If you have an idea to luxuriously craft something unique to call your own, contact our team for a personal consultation here.