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Article: We Didn't Invent Grills, We Just Perfected Them

We Didn't Invent Grills, We Just Perfected Them - IF & Co. Custom Jewelers

We Didn't Invent Grills, We Just Perfected Them

Popularized in the 1980s by Hip Hop culture, grills continue to be one of the boldest statement piece for many and has stretched its acceptance from the streets of Los Angeles to the runways of New York Fashion Week. They have always been one of the most desired jewelry items to have been offered here at IF & Co. Whether our clients seek a traditional solid gold grill, a fully iced diamond grill or a completely custom designed grill that the world has never seen before, the sky is the limit when it comes to one's design choices.
With so many customizable options available, how do you decide on which type of grill is right for you?
First, you'll want to decide on which grill type you vibe with most to achieve the style you desire. Go for the design you think represents you best. In case you can't decide, we recommend starting with a Solid Gold Grill Set. If you want something light, consider the Open-Faced Gold Grill or a Double-Cap Grill. If you're a true heavy hitter, go with a Fully Iced Set.
Another thing to consider is the gold color of your grill. Yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are all available. The choice of color should be determined based on your personal preference. There is no right or wrong, color is ultimately decided by you so we recommend choosing the one you like most.
Think of the gold karat you want for your grills. IF & Co. offers custom gold grills and custom diamond grills at a minimum of 14k gold. We recommend our 14k for its well-balanced characteristics, but to those who want more, karat options of 18k to 24k are also available at a premium. Regardless, rest assured knowing you'll be receiving a high-quality mouthpiece when getting grills done through us. As each grill made at IF & Co. is handcrafted with precision, our grills will be held to our standards of quality. This adds to the piece's durability, aesthetics, quality of craftsmanship and most importantly, proper fitment.
Rose Gold Upper Lower Grillz
Whether high-polished or matte-finished, our solid gold grills will exude a classic and traditional urban vibe.
Matte Finished Bottom 8 Gold Grillz
Now, if you're choosing a diamond grill an important element to consider is, how pristine do you want your diamonds to be? IF & Co. offers VS-SI as a standard option, however, if you want to really treat yourself, our VS+ Upgrade on your diamond grill contains an improved quality mix of diamonds to make that happen.
Yellow Gold Deep-Cut Upper 6 Teeth Diamond Grillz
14k Yellow Gold Bottom 10 Diamond Grillz
Diamond grills are the perfect way to catch the attention of anyone looking your way. A quick flash with a mouth full of diamonds accomplishes this goal with ease.
Once you've decided on which type of gold grill speaks to you more as well as the kind of gold that is best for you, there are several style options to choose from. This will vary, depending on your goal.
If you feel the fully iced out diamond grill is for you, hit up our team here through our custom jewelry inquiry form to get started on one. Our team can personalize one perfectly fit for you.
Playboi Carti White Gold Diamond Grillz
One can never go wrong with a Fully Iced Top 8 & Bottom 8 Diamond Grill set.
Rose Gold Diamond Grill Cap Jhene Aiko
Keep it simple like Jhene with a single diamond grill cap.
 Custom Curved Bar Gold And Diamond Grillz
If you want, have us create a custom designed grill that's never been created before.
Tyga Open-Face White Gold Diamond Grillz
14k Yellow Gold Open Face Top 6 Grillz
A custom open face gold grill is a modern, sophisticated grill style and can be applied to any look.
Custom Gold Drip Grillz
Take it up a notch if you're feeling saucy, and consider our gold drip grill.
Double Cap Diamond Ruby Grillz
Now, if you want to keep an air of mysteriousness, split it up with a fully customized, innovative double-cap grill set. Ice out both sides or choose your best side, and only cover that side in the way you want.
Schoolboy Q Yellow Gold Princess Cut Diamond Grillz 
When going with any custom grill, you have the option of having designed your very own grill style as an explicit expression of yourself. The sky is the limit to deciding your style selection. The team here at IF & Co. specializes in customizing grills for many all over the world, including many of the most recognized celebrity figures, artists of all industries and influencers in entertainment. We can customize an extravagant mouthpiece for you too. This is where you can get creative and remain assured with IF & Co.'s detail-focused craftsmanship to get you right.
Lastly, put your order in with IF & Co. and sit back while the professionals bring your design to life. Usual wait time for most custom grills is normally 7-10 days, one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry for grill qualities of our caliber while still managing to deliver a high-level of craftsmanship quality. If it's time to cop one, we recommend heading over to your trusted dentist and get a mold of your teeth before placing an order. This is an important step, the mold ensures that your grill fits comfortably in your mouth and is custom fit to perfection. It won't be long before you're the envy of those without!
If you haven't yet, take a peek at IF & Co.'s custom gold and diamond grills here. Or for a completely custom design gold or diamond grill, easily reach out to us through our custom jewelry inquiry form.