Company Diamond Jewelry

The Company Diamond

IF & Co. is the quintessential luxury jewelry designer, so it’s not surprising that today’s trendsetters want to represent the brand. Our iconic gold diamond pendants are highly versatile, perfect for everyday wear. Layer them with your other favorite pieces, or let them stand proudly on their own.

Gold Company Diamond Pendants

Our gold diamond pendants are available in yellow, white, or rose gold. They’re handcrafted to perfection, and filled with sophisticated deep, black enamel.

Silver Company Diamond Charm

These 1-inch silver and black enamel pendants are subtle and smooth. They’re carefully detailed by hand and filled with luxurious black enamel.

Company Diamond Piece

These lavish pendants are available in 14K yellow, white, or rose gold, and they’re encrusted with approximately 0.75 carats worth of diamonds. The back is finished smooth, and they’re roughly 1.2” tall. This piece includes a matching Franco or ball chain.

Company Diamond Piece V2

Similar to the original Company Diamond Piece, these gold diamond pendants are slightly larger, and the logo has the gaps filled in with gold. The diamond weight is approximately 0.80 carats, and they’re roughly 1.5” tall. This piece includes a matching Franco or ball chain.

Customize Your Company Diamond

We proudly offer a wide selection of company gold and black diamond pendants to meet the diverse preferences of our distinguished clientele. Select your favorite piece, and customize it with your preferred options.

Browse with confidence, knowing that our highly skilled craftsmen use only the finest materials, paying meticulous attention to every detail. If you’re interested in designing your own one-of-a-kind piece, send us a message. Order the perfect jewelry for your collection at IF & Co. now.

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