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I was invited to the exclusive event and rep with my Soul Assassins family down at the Edison Hotel last night…. place is very fresh and I wouldn’t expect anything else… thank you Marco for holding me down and always much love to Stone Chin and the XBOX family for showing love always!

I had a blast…
got to play the all new gears of war and check out/meet a lot of game designers and tastemakers in the gaming industry…

the usual SA fam was in attendance, but an LA TRUE OG showed up…. ICE T aka Iceberg Slim aka @FINALLEVEL was in the house to show love to the Gears of War game and he’s also in the game, so it was only right… also ICE is a big gamer believe it or not, he gets the fuck down with his son Lil ICE and they got a squad and play online and murk cats all day! ICE brought out his wife Coco too…. also in attendance was the legendary DJ MUGGS and the legendary graf artist SLICK who did designs for the GAME as well and also made a limited edition tee….

oh shout out to the homey Clifton Collins Jr. who showed up as well and Happy Birthday holmes!

They gave ICE T a 1 of 1 gears of war gun that weighed like 45lbs no joke and I was fucking around with it all night until the shit got way tooo heavy!

here’s a few pics of the event… I forgot to turn the flash off in certain areas, so it looks funny. Also the event was at capacity by 9pm and it went until midnight


ALL THE BARS WERE OPEN BAR! crazy drinks! anyone ever try Absinthe??? smh lol


and then as we were walking out, I thought a band was performing on stage, but it was just a new game, wasn’t rock star or guitar hero…. but some next shit, they were jammin for real though!

aite, gotta get ready for my #LAKESHOW!

also, should have a few more pics up later either on here or my facebook “like” page…
thanks to the homey Willie T

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