workin on my 2nd film…..

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This is something that shoulda happened a few years ago, but I haven’t had the time…. now that I have some time, I’m going to start writing a sequel or sort of a spin off to my 1st film “CAKE”. Cake was a film me and my cousin did about a time in our lives and the story/script was based on actual facts and overall the movie was about 95% accurate to events that we experienced….. crazy shit huh?

Well this film, I won’t state the title, will star me and my brother Jonas and I’m gonna make it a like 80 minute movie with laughs and ignorance… I gotta do it now before I slip up and can’t do it again…. we’ll prolly finance this film ourselves and we’ll obviously have to be creative… so let the writing begin & hopefully we can start filming in late Aug to mid Sept. Shit will be fun, but damn, after Sept 11th, filming & rules in general got waaaaaay more strict when it comes to filming guerilla style shit in a airport. stay tuned

you know there will be mad L-R-G, Supra & Platinum Motorsport placement…. if you wanna get in, you’d better holla now. it wouldn’t be a union film (even though I’m SAG/AFTRA) but we also wouldn’t pay cats except for a few lead cameos, etc…. chea

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