work in progress. . . 2010 BMW 7 series F02

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so my kit came in earlier today….
I went up to Platinum Motorsport to check it out and I just wanted to kinda paint it and sorta leave the chrome accents around my car on to kinda throwback the 90’s look of chrome, etc….

well, that shit lasted about 8 minutes…. I miss my M5, but this is a totally different look, most of my last few cars didn’t really have any chrome on them. Well I wanted to definitely have a chrome lip at least, but now with MFest coming up and Bimmerfest and etc….

I got talked into painting damn near all the moldings, accents, etc on my car. smh….
well the M-Sport kit came in and man, It’s already painted… but they gotta finish painting the kidney grills… the side marker bezels, the reflector area on the front bumper, the roof moldings, the rear tail moldings and some other random areas.

eventually, the only chrome on the car will be the lip.
(I am going to paint the window moldings gloss black to keep it with the sport package look that comes on BMW’s…. reason why I didn’t get the sports package was because there were not any in the color I wanted with the options I had… and honestly? for black moldings that I can paint anytime, I rather have the camera package, the rear monitors and everything else fully loaded instead of that bs and the bs sport wheels since I got rims)
I am NOT going to put on an exhaust anytime soon if ever, but I may(i’m actually leaning more towards it) paint the exhaust tips black(ceramic coated)

I’m waiting on my suspension to show up, after that, the car is ready to go completely!
later I may paint the centers/face of the wheels black…. we’ll see how this project turns out.

here’s some before pics:

the front bumper raw and ready for paint!

the kidney grills exposed…

almost naked….

roof molding gone….

gonna keep it clean and white to match the car so the lines are smoother…. had my wheels been all black, then i’d paint them black or matte black, but for now, it’d look like a black spot on a clean white car…. for now I want the lines to be smooth. next week I could change my mind… who knows?

even took off the rear chrome moldings over the reverse lights…. and the center rear piece.
I rather they be white to match the look…. even out the lines… definitely will not ever paint those black unless I had a black car or maybe silver car…. it would be more of an eye soar for sure


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