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I think this past weekend was my 1st weekend back almost as the normal Ben (whatever that means)
I had something to do everyday from Thurs night to Sun night…. so let’s re-cap….


before I got out of the house to do anything…. I had to cut my wig

so…. after getting fresh;

I hit up the Filthy KR3W party which showed off their footwear line up and the invites were pretty much fam only and the party/event was held over at Factory 413…. I got to see the filthy kr3w and Angel, etc…. picked up my first few pairs of KR3W Slim denim (shit’s are the best jeans I’ve worn to date btw) and checked out their footwear lineup while I ate tacos and drank cerveza


don’t trip on my pics…. KR3W is more on the fancier/dressier tip for kicks…. check out the footwear at and


one of the homey’s brought his kid and he was too precious for real… white tee, kr3wneck sweatshirt…. jeans slightly saggin… AJ1’s and a red rag in his pocket lol. G-shit!

if you didn’t know from the 1st time I ever blogged 413, they have a vicious vintage eyewear collection for sale there! shout out to my boy Corey Shapiro in Montreal who runs the vintage sunglass game…. but 413 has some shit! they had the OG vuarnet’s which I remember rocking 25+ years ago!

so after that, me and Nic shook over to catch the midnight show of Jackass 3-D at the grove….
man, after a good 6 year or so run at the grove, I can truly say after that night, I’m gonna retire from watching movies there for now and definitely until they remodel or step shit up again…. too much riff raff inside now, I wanted to punch some girl behind me in the neck and even Nic was annoyed and she never says anything….
anyways, the movie was okay, I really wanted to see it though…. the cinematography was actually something to talk about this time (not like the story would be something to chat about lol) but the tricks weren’t THAT much crazier or THAT much more creative…. I definitely laughed, but more than anything I had to close my eyes because there was just too much SHIT and I mean feces literally and dicks swinging and other shit…. the grandpa scene was funny…. and a few others, but I wasn’t mad…. ran into my homey Victor there, what up VIC!


woke up super hyped still about Far East Movement… I hit them all up and said SEND ME MY PLAQUE! so fucking hyped for real!

so I got my blog on, ran a few errands, shipped some jewels out and then went over to grab my old homey Bee Nguyen up…. Bee owns a marketing/branding company called Grand Tactics and Bee also owns a clothing brand called HOT AIR…. but we met in 1996 when he used to work at Loud Records…. a lotta people mistake us for each other and I don’t know how #lame lol….
anyways, Bee wears like 10 hats and one of those is also being the brand ambassador for Belvedere and also was the Liason for me to AMP energy drink…. one of my endorsements

AMP recently did a collaboration with RYD (RED YOUR DEAD) for a custom limited edition fixed gear bike… I got 1 out of 25 made! only like 3 people in LA got one and they had to be an AMP energy influencer…. so as 1 of the L.A. curators of cool, they gifted me with the ill ass fixie which will definitely make some appearances on my blog in the near future!

check them out at

here’s some pics of me on the bike at the AMP energy house in Venice Beach


fyi I used to be mean on the bmx and freestyle bikes… (hence my hooliganess on a motorcycle) but this is my 1st fixed gear track bike…. shit was kinda awkward to get used to, but damn it’s fun….. NO BRAKES! haha, no seriously, there are NO BRAKES on the bike!

so me and Bee hit back to the neighborhood and caught a quick ride on the bikes and grabbed some Belve!

magnum limited edition of some Belvedere….. not mad at free premium vodka

so friday night…. I hit one of my new, but not so new fave spots….
we headed downtown to eat at Bottega Louie
this time I tried to pizza and more appetizers and along with other things….
the ambiance again….. amazing…. it really doesn’t feel like L.A. (which sometimes is a good thing)
THANK YOU K.K. for the hookup, thank you Will as well. I appreciate the love and VIP service!
it can get loud, but it’s fun and still a great place to take a date…. it felt like a 1st date that night


I love this fucking restaurant for real…..

so we jetted out of there late and headed back west to the SLS and got a drink at Bazaar and then shot over to HYDE for the “Being Terry Kennedy” party…. I haven’t been out to a club in a month or longer to actually chill since the passing, but I felt like I needed to show love to my little brother TK

my boy Bee also throws the party there that night…. TK in the middle and next to him on the right is my boy Cash Warren who I grew up with and been knowning for a LONNGG time…. he’s married and has a baby with Jessica Alba so hate him lol…. he’s also the Executive Producer on Terry’s show.


this fool Bee was poppin a lot of Belve and Hennessey that night…. that’s brand love to be charging the shit on your card lol… I sipped a little, I’m not back in the game to be drinking heavy

I left around 1ish and headed to 7-11 from light munchies thanks to Fly Society Fuzzy Felix haha….
but then realized…. awwww shit!

bottega louie leftovers! YESSSSSSSS!


woke up early as hell…..
went to go check out new Toyota Prius’s…. yep, I said it…. I’m very serious about getting a Prius. I didn’t know they had so many options, but I want to get a black on black Prius V (the fully loaded joint, with everything!)
so maybe inside the next 45 days or so I may be in 1….. still keep the 7 or get a new body porsche carrera when it drops. I’m not trippin on cars that much these days… I can’t afford to be dumb anymore and push a bugatti or anything I’d like to push and still stunt stupid, so I rather spend the money on toys and other shit lol. I don’t even drive that much anymore and I retired the bikes….

so me and Nic later hit the 818 and hung out with my family for my cousin’s baby shower…. she’s having twins! congrats again CC! it was good to see my little cousins who I never get to see (jenny and carol)

all those ONESIES were made by the family and friends of my cousin CC (no pics because her belly is huge haha) and we all chilled at my sisters fancy ass Neutra house…. drank Sangria and Tom Cruise’s caterer took care of the food and desserts TOOOOOOO GOOD! chopped it up with my cousins and Nic until the evening….

quincy(the dog) literally jumped into this pic out of nowhere and posed (wtf?)

the twins (my nieces, not the ones in my cousin’s belly) jumped into the pool in their new Lolli Me bikinis that Nic made them….

me and Nic ran back to the house to get ready to take Apolo out to eat an official meal in K-Town finally, but his plane was delayed and we had to postpone it to sunday night….. me and Nic watched Law & Order SVU and other shows and went to bed kinda early…..


again, woke up crazy early…. did I mention that the last few days weather in LA reminds me of suicide? or maybe seattle? smh…. rain and shitty ass gloomy weather!

headed out further west to the Annenberg Community Beach House for my nephews bday party….
I’ve never been to the Annenberg Beach House, but the place is really cool! very reasonably priced and a great place to book a party….. just NOT ON A RAINY DAY! but if you remember, the weather was supposed to be 80+ degrees this weekend and the rain came out of nowhere…. but the catered breakfast and mimosas were great!

my little nephew Brandon is highly allergic to everything, literally…. so he has to eat a lot of vegan products or things with NO seasoning or just eat organic and natural… so that means no birthday cake smh….
again, my nieces were there along with my brothers friends and their kids…. damn tic tock! the clock is ticking! haha


the cookies were good! but the vegan cupcakes from Real Foods Daily missed me haha

and even though the weather sucked, the kids still went and swam there….. there was another area that can be rented that actually was really nice and was surprisingly cheap(my values are messed up) hmmmmm *ideas*

I was too much of a pussy to jump into the water… I hate anything under 70 degrees, but the pool was warm, but still!

so me and Nic took off around 1pm and that was after being there for a few hours!!! smh…. good thing is that there was zero traffic.

went back to the trap, did some cleaning and took a nap and watched more Law & Order SVU

got up and got ready to grab Apolo and his friend to get some food in Koreatown….
now Apolo was raised pretty much around Koreans all his life and was trained and around more Koreans than any other culture or race; more so than even his own race…. I think Apolo speaks more Korean than Japanese smh lol…. but anyways, big time clients and friends have taken Apolo to spots to eat… the basic shit… BCD, some hole in the walls with official food, even Cho San, but not the secret weapon of Koreatown! haha

hands down the best kalbi jhim I’ve ever had and the best kimchee bokum bop there is in the states (could rival a halmuni’s in korea!) haha and we killed some dehji bulkogi and a lot of premium roast gui… I shoulda took pics, but I was too busy stuffing my face! Nic still gets to get her vegetarian on with the Bi-bim Bop and mad gochu jang hahaha….. (thank you ROY! so much!) (btw, such a small world we live in…. the owner of the restaurant have been friends of my family for almost 30 years and we’ve been going there since the late 70’s…. I just found out 2 years ago that they are my neighbors and live in the same building as Kim Kardashian did…. she just sold her place a few months ago… but once said “oh, a couple korean families live here” ha, I said wordddd??? never knew it was them, anyways, carry one, just rambling)

after being super stuffed…. we left to hit a k-town coffee shop for some shaved ice and desserts….

Apolo is such a nice fucker that he wouldn’t tell me if the food wasn’t official… but I could tell by the look on his face that he appreciated the authentic food… we ordered enough food for 6 people and my girl doesn’t eat meat, so that made 3 eating for 6 and there was nothing left after we murked everything

we’ll definitely be hitting that spot more often and If you ever ask Apolo, he’ll tell you, I’ve led him in all the right directions when it came to restaurants or food period in my town of Los Angeles! from mexican to japanese to vegan to seafood! holla

we all got home stuffed and called it a weekend!

good luck on your book AAO

I got to get back on my godzilla this week.

peace everyone


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