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damn, it’s been a minute since I did a full weekend recap? but I had a good one and I’ll make it as brief as possible. Friday, woke up grinding, then hit the gym, then got fresh for the Far East Movement show in West Covina. yes you read that correctly West Covina; last time I was there was to bury my best friend Craig aka DJ Homicides Father, before that, It may have been over 20 years. I mean I just have no desire or business to hit the IE or anywhere east of alhambra…. so I meet up at my boy Proh’s pad. He tells me about the ill hook up he got goin with his living situation. lol. we round up the FM crew and head out to Club Spice. I love that these cats really got it down to a science with their timing. As soon as we get there, it’s VIP VIP love as best as any artist could get from that venue. We walk in with security, the whole 9 and they cleared out a big area for us to sit in, 2 bottles of goose and all the fill ins follow up. I case the joint and see it’s definitely a 90% latino crowd and the place is packed with that exact IE/san gabriel demographic. there was a table of strippers next to us who started to take their clothes off and security stopped them, but they were gettin it poppin and distracting JSplif and Kevnish to the fullest! lol
Then some group got up on stage and performed before FM. I don’t know if they really got a reaction… but when FM hit the stage, the place was wide open and girls were screaming! I acted like the honorary mascot/shipsekki and poured goose into girls mouths. lol. FM rocked the joint and I’m ready to sit down(actually I took some pix with fans) then James tells me they got another show @ Cinespace in Hollywood(mind you it’s 12:40am at this point and we’re 40 miles away from hollywood) so we shake the spot and head out to Cinespace too quick. we get there at around 1:04am and wait for DJ Virman and the dancers so we can all walk in crew deep….. Cinespace was also a 90% latino crowd and it was EVEN WAY MORE PACKED IN THERE. humid as fuck too. by 1:20am FM is on stage rockin the fuck out of the house and damn near bringing the place down! nightlife photog’s shooting away and once again, I acted like the 5th invisible so not invisible member doin my dame dash on stage and pouring goose into breezy’s mouths…. so we shook and headed out to get some food. I was starving. Lit up a splif compliments of JSplif and I called it a night. got home like 4am knowing I had to be up early as hell to meet my brother Jonas in the morn…
Club Spice (f.y.i. it was in a strip mall lol)

proh & kev (calm before the storm)

jsplif and dj virman

dj virman tellin his agent no jolibee sponsors please,
kev peepin the scene

bitches feets was spread eagle. lol

@ cinespace killin shit!

woke up @ 10am to get ready to drive down to the OC… I get dressed, bird bath it and mash down quick so I can make it by 12 to meet up with my bro bro… listening to the jerky boys the whole way made the slight congested roads easier to manuver, I get to the sample sale and it’s packed. I say what up to all the fam (they held the L-R-G/Luxirie sample sale @ the old Luxirie warehouse) everyone says DAMN YOU LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT! I love how everyone asks me how they can lose 20lbs… I don’t know, self discipline? put down the reeces cups, maybe the daily burger king, take the kitkats out of your pockets! but I’m no pro…. so I peep out a few items, there was so much fresh shit, but I was starving and I didn’t want to hang out too long. had I spent another hour in there, I woulda found a ton of shit and then had even more gear I don’t have space for…. meanwhile, Jonas moves my M5 and he’s never driven it, he’s never driven an SMG transmission and he hits a curb(of course he does) I wouldn’t give a shit if he drove it into a furniture store, thats my bro and I have full insurance….. so we head out for a nice lunch with some lady friends and then do a stroll through South Coast plaza(shit was empty as hell on a saturday, sad) then we head back to Jonas’s crib to watch a movie and chill….he then shows me his $15,000 bicycle and I want to kill him because it’s like his 5th one. lol…. head to the spectrum for some drinks and food and I then I shake to meet up with my friend Lisa… she shows me a korean plaza in irvine that’s pretty fresh, we eat, I bump into some people who know me(so fucking weird, everywhere I stopped this weekend, someone stopped me) then back to Lisas to talk shit and watch korean dramas…..

Lazy as a muthafucka, I catch up on major Z’s needed…. watched michigan state get in that ass no homo… finally hopped out of bed, turned my swole on and headed to the gym. on my way to the gym, I get a call from my lil bro Benji Madden. Benj tells me our bro Max Murders is in the house and that I should roll by DCMA to say whatup…. so I chill @ DCMA for a second to chop it up with the AMC homey’s…. My homey Teyana Taylor shows up with some of her friends doin some random shoppin on melrose and I tell max, benji I love them, but I gotta get it in at the gym…. after the gym, I have the lil homey franchise meet me @ the tilt to get ready to head out for the Lil Wayne concert. Franchise is fully fuckin excited cuz he’s never been to a big concert and Weezy is his favorite artist…. he’s never been backstage, you know the whole experience. I’m just hyped to go to see my young money fam and more importantly, 40 and Drizzy. We get to the Gibson Amphitheatre and walk up to will call to see my tickets were left by…. Wayne Carter yes I know, I’m an asshole… walk inside to peep out my boys Gym Class Heroes rock it out. we missed Keri Hilsons weak ass show(thank god) and then my boy 40 met us at the backstage door with our bracelets and all access passes. I walk in and see my boy Drake and punch him in his gut cuz he’s too high post wearing designer high fashion gear head to toe. that fuck. lol. Backstage I run into mad homey’s: nujerzey devil, jermaine dupri, big jon, usher, supra fam: Angel & Ashley, Lo, IBN, shaggy brown and so many more homey’s…. I walk into the dressing room for a spark session of the kali kush… we light it up with my boys Mack Maine, Jae Millz, Gudda, TStreets and of course cannibis conneseiur 40. lol. shit is gettin surreal for Franchise at this point, but I’m happy he’s having a good time. we walk outside to chop it up a little more with some fam, this time with Travis, Dejesus & Tim from Gym Class and I sat down to talk about how fresh my jeans were with Teyana for a while. lol. we missed T-Pains whole performance because we all walked back into the Young Money’s dressing room to witness clownage and freestyles being thrown and parodies of Gucci Mane(Jae Millz was killin me!!!!) but we walked in to see Waynes performance.(Wayne almost always sits on the tour bus and doesn’t enter the stage or dressing room during the LA shows cuz of all the craziness) As soon as I entered the arena, 4 different kids hit me up to take flix, which brought false attention to me from other fans of Wayne, etc thinking I’m a celebrity(NOT) but I take the pics and get to my seat(thank you Drake & 40 for the upgrade on the seats!!!) we watch Wayne come out and kill it from the jump (I’ve seen his concert many times, but this time he changed it up a lil like 25%) he brings out the Young Money crew and he says… hold up I’m forgetting 1 person, “Drizzy Drake” where you at. the place went nuts and gave Drake a standing ovation(most of the peeps were sitting while Lil Chucky was performing just before) I was so proud of my lil bro no joke, cuz the audience went fucking beserk for Drake. they performed “Every Girl” and then Wayne had everyone leave except Drake to perform some more… once Drake was done, Weezy told everyone to go get So Far Gone if they hadn’t had it already and I told franchise to watch the whole show cuz I was gonna go back down to chop it up with my boys backstage…. Drake told me he’s coming to L.A. in a few weeks just to shoot a video for “Best I ever had” and you know K-Town bout to have a cameo in that bitch! don’t trip lil homey, I’mma have you right with the whips and ice for the vid. classy!
once the show was done, me and franchise shook to get some food. I ate low carb of course, he kept it fully gangsta with a tri tip melt sammich & fries…. then there was the afterparty @ a mansion… (no comment HAHA) thats the weekend wrap. nothing too exciting, just building with fam from all across the country and even outside (octobers very own crew reppin toronto of course)

my name is Ben, but last night it was Drake for all access purposes…

mr high fashion Drizzy

the lil homey Teyana

the man, super producer and illest engineer 40!

god bless y’all. you know I hate mondays, so I’mma keep it light, but not get lite, thats for y’all uptown harlem cats! much love.


p.s. funny to see Cameron Diaz sitting front row @ the concert last night. wtf she’s a weezy fan? haha

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