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okay, I’m completely exhausted right now!
this weekend was strictly rest and yesterday I woke up around 8pm no joke… and headed to my favorite store on earth…. TARGET! shit was bedlam/mayhem inside there! I shoulda stayed home… but I had to get my nieces and nephews Hanukkah and Xmas gifts. and they were very happy with their gifts this morning. Went to the OG New Otani hotel which is now called the Kyoto Grand hotel in little tokyo downtown LA for a family brunch with my Dad, Step Mom and bro, sis and nieces and nephews. I haven’t wrapped gifts physically in many many years! I usually had a girlfriend do it lol. btw, last night and tonight, I broke my good diet twice (hot wings cafe/25 degrees) sorry gregg.

uncle BEN!


after that, I was tired because I didn’t sleep much so I wanted to get home to take a nap… but my brobro Jonas hit me and we ended up hitting “THE GROVE” for a quick bite and some shopping…. they have outside seating next to the fountain now for “THE FARM”(only good restaurant in the grove) so we chilled there for about 2 hours and I had to shake to get ready for the Lil Wayne concert.

so I head out to see the homey’s Gym Class Heroes and Lil Wayne perform @ the gibson theater… also performing was Keri Hilson, Keyshia Cole and T-Pain.. I rolled up there with the Supra Fam (Angel and Ashley) My man Angel was flossing the Supra Skytop II’s (yeaaaahh, I might show a sneak peak 2moro. MAYBE!) and THANK YOU DEJESUS for the backstage pass and tickets, Thank you Miles for the extra ticket and thank you Weezy for the all access pass. The show was off the muthafucking hook! Gym Class opened up proper like, my man Travis, Tim and DeJesus did their thing (along with the band)…. the sound was some of best I’ve heard at a rap concert…. I didn’t watch Keyshia… I stayed backstage during her show. T-Pain had a full retard show, bad old school off beat dancing(but it was fresh) and crazy midgets… I forget how many hits he got…. Then DeWayne Carter aka Lil Wayne, aka Weezy KILLED it! I got a few vids I’ll upload later, but for now…. here’s some pics. shout outs to my young money fam : Drake, Mack Maine, Gudda, Jaz and Tyga. Drake you did your thing homey and congrats on your success.

you know why this pic of me and tyga is cool? because Katy Perry took the pic lol(true story)

my mans Drake! son you’re gonna freeze in the tdot!


here’s a shot of the crowd from the entrance of the backstage area…. PACKED! SOLD OUT!

our seats were crazy close and damn near dead center


weezy making his entrance

weezy & t-pain & mack maine performing “got money”

Hope you all had a great weekend. God Bless, much love and I’ll be updating y’all with some pics of a new Michael Jackson Piece.

p.s. thanks for dinner Angel

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