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so we make some crazy unique custom jewelry… obviously we’ve come a long way since the myspace days when we stunted on cats… but it was on myspace where we debuted our first diamond fitted cap piece with some fully iced out converse chuck taylors…. we then progressed to different kinds of sneakers and earlier this year we showed out when we dropped the concord XI Jordans….

so this is nothing new, but doing something different shoe wise is.

we went fully dumb again. this time with a Washington Senators fitted cap. all black diamonds and a pair of white/cement Air Jordan IV’s!

not much needed to say, peep game:


the thing with this absolutely beautiful piece of art which is jewelry….. is that, cats have to understand that you need to have A LOT OF MONEY to get something this crazy made. a solid franco chain completes this piece… but remember there are over 50 carats of diamonds, this is a heavy piece and I never quote, but I had to give you an idea before crumbs begin with emails about $3,000 and shit. btw, we used black rhodium over parts of the white diamond areas to give it that “grey” color. this shit is spectacular in person.

our wax molds are so cold, that places like Chopard hit us up for outsourced work….
you know how easy it is to make the sickest engagement ring you might see in Harry Winston? let me see one of those guys make this by hand… the diamond setting maybe slightly better and that’s also while the cost per setting each stone will be 3x the price and the overall price would be over 10x our prices, but they can’t create this in less than 15 days. takes these guys 4 to 6 months to just make a medium sized iced out teddy bear.

anyways. this was commissioned through my boy Corey of vintage frames. this was for one of his top clients who shall remain anonymous.

thanks Corey

much love to all y’all…

have a great weekend. i’ll be back with more jewels of course


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