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a much needed one.
I have some orders in progress, so to those who have custom pieces in the que with me, don’t fret, my team is on it and I’m just hanging out spending quality time out of the country.

thanks for showing support for the past 2 years of this blog.

I will post some pics of some new jewels when I get back and of some pics from halloween, but I got to see a lot of fam and old friends this past week….

I went hard in the paint for the past 3 months, the last 3 months have added up to over a year and some change easily…. so I’m gonna reward myself with just under a week of some chillin

hope everyone had a great and safe weekend and has a great week.

p.s. if you want to reach me, hit my personal email or iMessage me or direct message me on twitter.
I changed my math….. too many thirst buckets out there.


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