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now this is only in my opinion and THIS IS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER AT ALL. what do I know? not much, but I do have 20 platinum albums under my credits from Dr. Dre “the chronic” all the way to Jay Z reasonable doubt. so this is just me letting y’all know who I’ve appreciated listening to rhyme wise. Also these are dudes who all have had albums out before 1995. So here’s my list of the TOP 5 who are dead or alive:

If you were around in 1987 and remember hearing N.W.A. for the first time especially being on the west coast then you would remember the ground breaking shit Cube spit, flip to when he left N.W.A. and wrote Amerikkkas Most Wanted? (could be lyrically the most powerful, illest album to date) true story, we were filming the video for “Song Cry” (Jay-Z) and Jigga had this CD on repeat for 2 days…. take it all the way to just around Lethal Injection and Cube really was outta his mind. But from Amerikkka’s most to Kill at Will to Death Certificate, nobody could see him at all and he’ll go in hip hop history for that, fuck the we be clubbing, he was naturally gifted with it. I’m bias to mention Westside Connection’s first album because I worked on it… but that was a good record. Bottom Line Cube will always be in my top best MC’s. all you youngsters who listen to Kanye and Weezy don’t know prolly how powerful this guy was to them.

I was fortunate to be able to be a part of history and work on Jay’s first album “Reasonable Doubt”. Circa 1996 to 2003 I was a part of the Rocafella Fam…. but thats besides the point. Once I heard Jigga say “like short sleeves I bear arms”? it was pretty much a wrap from that point… he’s still spitting crazy. There’s no contraversy here.

everytime I ever heard Rakim touch a microphone, he’s burned it, killed it and slayed shit. I just think of listening to my walkman back in 1986 and hearing Rakim say “you thought I was a donut, you tried to glaze me?” his metaphors got iller and iller as time moved on. He killed it on JUICE and even somewhat recently on Jay Z’s song”THE WATCHER PART II” which was supposed to be on my boy HITTMAN’S album. from concerts to freestyle sessions in the studio. Rakim will always be that dude to me

let’s get serious and not even bring up why I think he’s up there. end of story.

ANDRE 3000
I remember sitting up at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles around late 1993 and Outkast had just got signed and these guys were sitting at the table across from me and my boy and one of their street team dudes gave me their cassette single “Player’s Ball” I popped the tape into the Alpine pullout and was like ok, this is a different kind of funk….. once I heard, “my heart does not go pitty pat for no rat” I was like okay dude is on some shit… but from that point on to even 2007 and today he’s been consistently destroying bars. His guest appearances on “Throw Some D’s” and “International Players Anthem” were what made those songs, no disrespect.

honorable mention: if there was a top 10, they’d be in here, but I don’t have that much time to write

Nasty Nas aka the rapper Nas
(unless you are OG, you won’t get that most mc’s outta queens all had “the rapper” in front of their names)…. anyways, you already know the deal. I’m not just a fan, but Nas is the homey. just shut the fuck up please… he should be tied with some dudes mentioned in the top 5 (I know) but some albums were questionable overall…. although he did have heat and “Ether” and other songs were crazy, and he’s def in my top, but maybe # 6. all I have to say is “ILLMATIC” is one of the illest albums of all time, top 10 album in hip hop history easily. true story, I remember Nas has been Denzel Washington’s favorite rapper ever…. I remember sitting in Denzel’s porsche on the way to the house of blues in 1995 to go see Nas perform and he’s bumpin “NY State of Mind” and Denzel saying “i’m an addict for sneakers, 20’s of buddah and bitches with beepers”. I’m like wow D! haha. true fucking story

let’s not get shit twisted…. I loved Pac because he could spit rhymes that a 13 year old could understand and also spit a powerful simple metaphor that a 40 year old would appreciate. As far as stage presence goes…. NOBODY CAN SEE PAC TO THIS DAY. I have never seen anyone in the game to this current day rock a stage as a rapper like Pac did. He is THEE MOST POWERFUL RAPPER EVER. I don’t think he even knew how powerful his message to the youngsters was. As for being a rapper, it wasn’t just the rhymes, it was the message and the way he spit. How he wrote and my man Pac wrote for months, years… hence having 11 albums or more drop after his death. Crazy…. he’ll be the Bob Marley of Rap which is very great. Pac was also one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. True Funny Story, on a plane headed to Japan; Pac’s sitting in first class and the rest of us on tour are sitting in coach and PAC BREAKS OUT A JOINT ON THE PLANE! i’m like smelling something and like, wtf? hold up, it’s gotta be Pac! lol. Only that dude could pull off the crazy shit he did. Nobody had that ego, swag, confidence and power he had and all of that bled all over his songs.

Again, many youngsters will not understand the power and movement Public Enemy had for almost a decade. These were for real, the real rap militia and true only millitant rappers. Chuck D was more than a Master of Ceremony, he was a voice for young black men….. from “My Uzi weighs a Ton” to “Fight the Power” to “Rebel without a Pause” were all songs that gave cats goosebumps when they heard them. fuck a red bull. this shit got you amped.

I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO MENTION THE GREATEST BAY AREA RAPPER TO LIVE (SORRY MAC DRE, R.I.P.) BUT TOO SHORT WOW. from DON’T STOP RAPPIN all the way to now? crazy shit homey. but when you put out “LIFE IS TOO SHORT” and “BORN TO MACK” it was game over….. and yes, nobody used the word bitch like you did. lol. wow. I miss my bay area days of cruising through Oakland to Flints bbq and seeing you pass thru the Eastmont mall in your caddy all the way to El Cerrito passin thru Nation’s. crazy. I used to BUMP YOUR SHIT TODD!

that’s it y’all… I will do a top 10 albums of all time of Hip Hop history in my personal opinion, but who knows when….
I’d like to shout out Wu-Tang Clan, Tribe Called Quest and Mobb Deep and a few other groups that were amazing as groups….. but I didn’t put in my top as MC’s by themselves. The golden era of rap to me is gone. I haven’t heard a great song come out in many years…. it’s bad. I won’t even get into it. I sometimes fall victim to listening to (damn I won’t even mention it)

every single day I get hit up by people I WOULD NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS THINK would read my blog. well…. over 1 million visits should say something.

p.s. shout outs to Shaggy Brown and RICK ROSS for reading my blog. lol. crazy shit

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