The PGA Masters Ace of Spades

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so I know I showed you guys some really cool champagne yesterday with the limited edition Andy Warhol Dom Perignon….

well here’s something from the SHAMpagne company… I mean CHAMpagne company

if you didn’t read the old article that business week did peep it here:

crazy because I even dismissed the article after glimpsing at it and was just like…. “haters” but then my sister who is a fine wine connoisseur told me it was bunk and a marketing scheme (but how could I be mad at that? or Jiggaman for his ACE hustle?)

so anyways….
I came across this PGA Master’s limited edition green bottle of Ace of Spades…
supposedly the 1st bottle of this years green Ace of Spades is given to the winner of the PGA masters tournament in cahoots with the green jacket.
peep game


now I was contacted on my blog by someone who was selling this Limited bottle for a pretty cheap price…

I declined. If I’m buying it, it won’t be ace of spades…. if someone else is coppin, then I’m not trippin….
I’m not mad at Jay for getting his guap right though.
I’d rather keep my Andy Warhol bottles of Dom which will actually increase in value… although I am a fan of the PGA and the Masters…. I rather get a green jacket


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