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So I had to grab some orders, ship out some engagement rings (GOOD LUCK E! GOOD LUCK A!)
got a few meetings tomorrow that I’m hyped about and I’m in the process of making 2 big bezel 16 carat G-Shocks (yes that is not a misprint) 6900’s to be exact

So while I’m at the shop, I got to see a few things we finished for some VERY happy customers of ours….
not too much detail, I just want to floss the pics


12 carat custom letter “T” and we made it with a slight slope to give it that 2-D, 3-Dimensional look to it…. super clean, white on white, the diamonds are whiter than your teeth. Added a heavy 220 gram white gold franco chain on this and he’s good to go

next up…..


I won’t even get started on how there is layers, of pave to channel set to yup, basically retarded status….
one of the illest pinky rings we ever made!
the center diamond is just over 3 carats and is legit GIA certified VS2 / G color…. do the math on that with the GIA cert and then add the eternity style ring to the cost of that….. (go ahead and vomit, it’s okay)

and a smaller calmer version lol… with a cluster mix face


yup…. gotta put our IF stamp somewhere on there…. too many ziamond style haters tryna catch fame.

and we don’t stop…. we gets busy… this how busy gets.

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