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no matter what happens, I’m always going to be me. money come, money go… friends come, friends go… I’m Ben, but I’ve been Ben Baller since 93 and Ben Yang since 73. ain’t shit changing but the cars and clothes… speaking of which, I want to really get rid of all of my clothes and start over. 5 pairs of skinny black chinos, 2 pairs of skinny khaki’s and 2 grey skinnys…. then 2 packs of saks fifth ave tees and a pack of saks fifth v-necks. after that, fuck you. lol

as for cars. I’ve never had a car longer than I had that 7 series. I had that whip for 3 years and I never ever want to do that again.


these rims and the suspension are for sale… but supposedly I’m supposed to be getting the money today. so if they aren’t gone today, then they’re available for CHEAP! real monoblock wheels 22″ x 9″ in the front and 22″ x 11″ in the rear… wrapped in Michelin Pilots(best tires out and most expensive)
As for the car itself, I sold it last week and thank god it’s gone forever. I’m leasing whips that are under $100k all day long, but that one I shoulda leased for 24 months max. smh that whip was $142k at sticker and even though I got a deal. fuck that car. speaking of the leasing and to the haters…. this just came in

and yes, that would actually say “thank you for *leasing* your new vehicle” had that been the case…. takes a few weeks for the state of california to get me right and then the title will be in hand, but any true luxury whip or exotic, you gotta buy. you gotta buy it used though. used meaning light mileage. or a dealer demo. let the first man eat all that depreciation up. I got a STEAL on this car…

ok, who cares lets get into the jewels first…. crazy how you would think most come here for only the jewelry, but really this is a true lifestyle blog first. a large majority of my readers wanna see how I live or how we live.



11 carats of all VVS2 F colored diamonds, 14k yellow gold with a heavy ass italian franco link chain…. all my for my boy Kid Retro

do you remember that “d” unpolo diamond chain I made for him???? well he had me make him a twin….


22 carats to be exact! smh, to be totally honest with you, this is the 3rd piece that we have ever made with real natural VS1 canary yellow diamonds. nobody ever requests it because they can’t afford them. these stones cost more than VVS diamonds we have always used real yellow treated diamonds. key word “real” not some bullshit slang word that southern jewelers or new york jewelers use called “lab diamonds” because lab is a fancy word for fake….

anyways, 420 grams total and he got a heavy ass mean jonas style 14k cuban holding this beast up and this chain goes so hard and the consistency of color is just amazing! seriously like 90% or better

when the sun hits it? never mind a nightclub…. HOT DAMN!
Sunny Delight on a chain….

thanks kid retro but hold up, I wasn’t finished yet with the ICE

not in collaboration with my boy Corey, but we got nasty on some Vintage Cartier Frames


btw, all of these pics of the vintage cartier frames were taken with an iphone, so I’m sorry for the crappy quality….. but shout out to my boy TC because this is some true OG shit!

and then I met up with my E dazzle…. he has more vintage ill italian swag in his house than any new jack super trying blogger or pseudo stylist. I counted at least 8 vintage cartier and chopard clocks… and at least 20 hermes vintage ash trays… let’s not get into the expensive shit now. lol….
but he copped some vintage gold chains off of me and then we just threw in his collection into a vintage hermes tray

disgusting! a 900 gram italian gold pasta dish!

speaking of hermes….
I had to add to the color collection of my Constance’ buckle swag


that red and flip side chocolate belt is what’s up…. ordered a few more colors because I’m bored and have no life until little London comes here

so what else did I do?
had lunch off Rodeo at il Pastaio…. talked a lot of shit….
I finally got my crystal Baccarat Decanters so fucking ill!


each one weighs around 8-10 pounds each. (not a typo) yes, that’s solid lead crystal. I mean, it’s straight up heavy dead weight. crazy. got hennessy richard in the cognac decanter and ketel one in the vodka decanter and now my bar cart is officially finished! go research how much baccarat cups cost, then check out how much their decanters cost. shit is NO joke. I coulda copped another fully loaded mac book pro lol

so while I was shopping with the blue bloods at Geary’s, I got my car washed and after I paid, I noticed this magazine with Katie on the cover (she was also on about 8 other covers but they were all tabloids)…. I knew my sister had to do this cover as if I ever seen her or Tom make a cover, I know my sister orchestrated it with style….


so this is her 50th or more high fashion cover. CRAZY! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU JEANNE! you balance out all my bullshit haha. I’m talking Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, W, Bazaar or mags like those….

random pic of the blog…..

what I came home to lol… PW knocking on the door!

friday night, I took wifey to the Americana, but I couldn’t get myself to watch Spiderman, so we ate and left…

but saturday?
this is what my saturday was like….

I spent 8 hours at a Lamaze class coming off the worst insomnia I have had all year…. smh, I won’t lie, I was dying in the class and if it wasn’t for supporting my wife, I would have never came to this shit…. I won’t say anymore, but damn! he’s coming soon!!!!

I was so burnt out from the class that when I got home, I just slept in until the next day pretty much

sunday, we checked out Topanga mall which is actually a very nice place to shop….. copped some ill skinny chinos and Nic got a bunch of shit and then I ran into a west coast legend for real!

if you don’t know who Rodney O is, then you just a pooh butt
I grew up literally all through high school and part of college banging this… so did every LA OG and gang banger…. man. it was nice to formally meet dude. and shout out to my boy Big Wes

after that, our friend Rumi came over to our house and chilled…. then we hit up Magnolia and damn we had a good ass early dinner!

then after we shot right next door to the Arclight and checked out “To Rome with Love” which is Woody Allen’s latest film and it was ok… not great, not really good, but not terrible…. but again, good company!

that was the weekend wrap!
shout out to everyone (that’s it lol)

I gotta go handle some meetings….
shout out to Vossen Wheels who hooked me up with some sick Mono Block wheels!
time is money, so I’ll leave you with my new set up


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