smh…. black monday

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I haven’t even had time to add pics of the new black silver PVD, black diamond jewelry we got in last tuesday and even though I went into work on wed. I didn’t have to time to sort all the shit out as I had to finish this jewelry for Dr. Phil’s family…. but I had to take almost everything we had left home (we received about 100 items total of black pvd and I took home just around less than 30 things) I had to bring it home with me because I want to make sure some of our stuff gets sold online to customers outside cali or LA…. shits crazy though because I haven’t even posted pics and now I’m down to 14 items maybe…. so sorry, but I have photoshop finally coming today with the full key code, so I’ll be back in the game….

this shit is crazy. I haven’t even had time to show mayor his choice or rings yet because of my lack of sleep and just meetings…. MAYOR I GOT YOU! don’t trip! SHOUT OUT TO MY MAN MR. CARTOON WHO IS IN THE ATL makin that $$$. and shout out to Do More Media…. you guys are truly the young gunners! watch out!

okay, I gotta hit the streets, I’ll post more pics tonight. I think the black diamond solitaire stud chain 20 carats in black silver pvd is gone… but we’ll see. it’s $3000 or more less than the black gold version, but all this shit is hitting our info email addy and going FAST! I’ll try to get on my ustream again tonight if I get some time…

let me leave you with some words from my man Daytona
“good morning, good day…. Wake up, opened my eyes and thank god for another day he’s given me, you know how Ni**as be, wantin to make you a memory, over cuz you doing what they wanna do(let em be). I can’t concentrate on the hate from others…stretching my arms and my legs as I’m taking off the covers… It’s a new day; it’s Monday, but it feels like a Tuesday cuz Sunday I put in work like the 1st day on the job, then say to my mom that I love her….. “

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