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feels kinda good, but I think I’m ready to get into some shit again…. I’m pretty sure I’m in San Francisco this weekend for a day or 2 at most and then in Chicago next weekend…. I’m thinkin of heading out from SF to New Orleans to catch game 4 of this 1st round playoffs…. btw, I’m disgusted at the way we played yesterday, but more importantly, how consistently shitty we have played on sundays period! smh! I mean the hornets?

shout out to my homey DJ Mano from Chicago who was DJing for Kanye last night at coachella….. thats my fucking lil bro bro! and the show wasn’t bad, there was a lotta hits, but what I was most impressed by was the free live feed/stream that was so damn clear! no hiccups or anything…. didn’t have to worry about going to the bathroom in a port a potty and be around hippies, hipsters and trust fund kids… thanks Youtube for that! shout out to Pusha T for rocking the all white denim like he just got off work from the Cheesecake Factory….. I’ll see you next week pusha in the Chi.

so friday, I got it in with some shipping out of some jewels….


14k white gold, legit VS clarity diamonds and of course, solid and heavy pieces
swear to god, these letter style dog tags are the hottest things around right now…. crazy

and then on some different shit.
I mean like for real different
we got a request to make this for someone who already had a bracelet….


but he wanted to add some gold and rubies to it…. I don’t know how I feel about it, but it was something we don’t usually do, so I wanted to share it here….

now another thing that is flying off the racks is…..

the affordable G-Shock 6900 with the diamond face…. we do them in any color stone you could want. we made a good amount so they’re just in stock for now. this is the move that peeps are making right now. inquire at the info email address

now, on a whole other tip….
I use my IPhone 4 a lot…. usually by around 6pm, it’s close to 40% or so left in batt and that means if I’m out in the streets without a car charger or traveling…. I won’t make it to the late night;
I met a cool dude from Glendale named Vik who owns these cases called the “EMVY” case and compared to other extended battery cases that I’ve seen, this was the better case and best for what I need that I’ve come in contact with for sure!

it’s so cool that you can charge your phone while you use it as you can see in the pic above that my phone is charging but there are no cords attached to it


the case is actually thinner than the competition and now I can go HAM on my phone all day and all night and have a lot of battery left even for an extra day maybe… not only that, he made a built in phone stand for those who stream movies on netflix or want to chat on facetime, etc…. I don’t know. but I do stream movies on netflix when I’m waiting around and bored! the phone now converts the ipod type charging plug into a micro-usb type cord, so all previous blackberry owners or droid owners can charge with that no problem….. it also syncs up to your itunes when it’s plugged in. it comes in 2 colors, white and black, but the white only works for AT&T for now.
pretty dope shit! the case is longer by 1/3″ and maybe 1/6″ thicker, but for travel, this is a must. otherwise, if you can rock with just the natural look, no bumper case at all, then good for you.

so on thursday night, the MOCA hosted a tribute to street art and this was the first time ever that this has happened…. cats like Mr. Cartoon to Futura to Banksy were praised there and it was so fucking cool that history made its way down a street I’ve rolled down often…. back in 1983 to 1987 I ran with the most notorious graffiti crew in Los Angeles, K2S and STN and we would be at battle with WCA on the regular…. I also used to rep a real small graf crew called HPA and that crew spawned a legend in the hip hop community in LA named “ROB ONE” Rob later helped out SKATE ONE resurrect a crew called “CBS” and CBS still runs strong today throughout the west coast….. Rest In Peace to both my homey’s….
I didnt make it to the show on thurs and I didn’t want to go to the regular engagement of the show just yet…. I’ll wait til the hype dies down…. but while in the area, I ran into a cat from Miami who takes ill photographs and is a street artist and street art collector who was selling me a Kaws 4 footer….
when I got to his loft, I was stopped dead in my tracks for real…..
this cat had a gang of fresh ass art inside his crib and honestly, he had maybe close to a million in art chilling from harings to kaws to andre aka mr A and then to original OG Banksy’s!

real Monsieur A aka Andre canvas…. and it’s a big piece!


2 authentic banksy’s worth a shit load of money…. he said he’d never sell even if he became broke as a joke. he got 1 from london, the other off a wall in brooklyn. so sick!

thanks david… you can check out his website here:

SO on friday during the day….. me and Nic headed over up the street to Cuvee’ to get some lunch


their food is outta control…. and also directly in front of Kim K’s old condo lol…. me and rob used to get it in at Cuvee’ after smoking.

I was in a bad mood all day because I was supposed to be at the Dipset concert which got canceled due to some fuckery and so I didn’t do shit…. I went and saw this movie on catching a online predator called “TRUST” and it wasn’t bad…. but it wasn’t DIPSET….
ate a late night dinner at Wing Stop and that was the 3rd night in a row I had lemon pepper smh lol

woke up early Saturday morning because it was my nephew’s 5th birthday
headed over to my brothers crib and celebrated with family

my mom brought over fresh strawberries even though they’re not fully in season… my mom just always has a connect on fresh ripe fruits lol… some halmuni shit!


the fancy oreos and food didn’t piss me off at all.


*instagram* so while my nephews were in the moon bounce…. this is what I was doing

I was getting my old man swag on…. it was too damn early to be playing and shit with kids lol
I passed the fuck out…. but wasted a perfectly good, cold mexican coke! smh

there was a magic show going on too, but I missed that. smh

but I did wake up in time for the . . . .


CAKE! my nephew loves star wars, obviously

we hung out there for a while and I watched my nephews play and saw that Cam had learned how to ride a bike without his training wheels and said to myself, damn! I didn’t learn until I was like 7 or 8 at least…… good shit

we left and I dropped Nic off to see her friends and when I dropped her off, I saw this simple motherfucker posted up at the bus stop in front of the Standard Hotel dressed as Austin Powers… Nic was like, babe is that guy trying to be Austin Powers…. I said nooooooo, without even looking and then said, this guyyyyy wtf?

anyways… I headed to the block “fairfax” to see some of my young gunners… walked into Diamond Supply and got a new Tee… walked into Supreme and got some new tees…. said what up to Jeff and to my lil dong saeng tony tones… some of the ODD FUTURE cats who didn’t go to coachella were there, shout out to Rich and Rob from Wolf Gang, Golf Wang…..

then I went home and didn’t do shit but watch the playoffs and TV until the evening….

finally got out of the house and couldn’t drive the prius anymore, so I hopped into the 7 and cruised around LA to find a place to eat… I wanted to do Pacific Dining Car (the best 24 hour restaurant in Los Angeles hands down! do you remember the scene in training day where alonzo had to go see the 3 kings? well that was pacific dining car and bosses have been eating there for over 30 years and warning, the place is very expensive) but Nic wasn’t feeling going passed k-town… so no korean food either and it was so damn hot outside still at 10pm!

so we headed over to Barney’s Beanery which I haven’t killed in a while

I ran into some dick head australian dude who I literally almost caught fades with and his dumb ass girlfriend… he was belligerently drunk and we almost got it in in the parking lot and Nic flipped out on me…. racist ass shithead, smh… I shook it off and jumped into the whip and turned on some shit that wouldn’t get me angry

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that you can’t get into a fight while listening to house music. lol…. for real though. you’re just not fighting with anything that has a 130bpm or higher! and my lil homey DJ Triple XL got a great mix you should download… I don’t know where it is, but you can google him? lol

like I said…. boring ass weekend, slow motion… I needed this though!
I been running ragged for the past few weeks and I have been so damn busy for the last 6 months!

I just wanted to rest and dress… not even so much dress

woke up sunday early and I was wondering why am I up early when I don’t have to be at my store or do shit today? HUH? WHY NIC! lol….. because she wanted to have brunch at a nice place…. every single morning she asks me, what do you want for breakfast baby? and 9 times out of 7 I say, nothing, please don’t make me anything…. smh and sometimes she does anyways…..

so I got up and got ready and we headed out to the Mondrian for a nice sunday brunch and a beautiful view…..
when we got there, I saw some girls completely topless, sun bathing by the pool and thought to myself, we’re not in Europe wtf??? one had a bad boob job too, one of her bags was leaning hella to the left smh…..

so then I ordered our food lol


an entire week of 70 to 85 degree weather brings out shorts! shout out to Crooks for the ill kicks! *M Geezy I didn’t forget about you

Iced Tea and a view of my city? #maxin

L.A. #instagram

this is the top 2 best salad on the planet…. I mean, there is very little that can fuck with this… La Scala’s chopped salad is pretty close, but damn I never get sick of this….

ain’t no jadakiss in these Lox! (btw, the LOX rap group used to be called a group called “the Warlocks” *a lil hip hop history for y’all)

left our overpriced brunch…. we paid for the atmosphere even though the food was good… I’m never mad about that….

headed back home and watched my punk ass sorry ass Lakers lose yet another game against a team that is a joke to me… I was sick and I didn’t bet at all on the game. thank god! the little homey Franchise did bet though and lost, everyone thought that the lakers were gonna work them, I was indifferent about that.

that loss fucked off my entire day, pretty much fucked off my night so after that point, I didn’t leave the house again. I was sick

so anyways…..





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