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I had began to write my last nights entry of practicing street fighter, but when I woke up early this morning, I heard the horrible news that an old friend Keith had passed away after a fight with cancer.

I was just talking about Gangstarr to my girl 2 nights ago in the car and said “if you weren’t bumping Dwyck in the early 90’s in a club, then you were a buster” smh…. I didn’t even know he had cancer for a year…

I 1st met Guru formerly at his Jazzmatazz concert at the Palace (which is now Avalon) I was introduced to him by a photographer Arnold Turner who I’m still friends with to this day…. I was just a punk kid, not even 21 yet and a huge fan for over a decade of hip hop….. I remember the DJ killin shit with real breaks…. breakdancers doing their thing on the dance floor…. no bottle service, no extra shit. just pure hip hop. respect!
I gave Guru my card later when the House of Blues first opened up and I was working @ the Roxbury nightclub… He said, yo kid, I grew up in Roxbury projects in Boston…. I said yo guru, much respect, I’m gonna be seeing you soon, trust me! he said alright kid, I know…. a few years later, I was in the middle of doing a deal with him for ill kid records when I was Priority Records…. my boy Rob One (RIP) was reppin him hard and the only person servicing me his records then…. I’ll never forget buying all the Gang Starr wax I could… the moment I heard “who’s gonna take the weight” and then years later hearing “mass appeal” that shit got me so into jazz it was crazy….

I remember later in 2000 I was at a Roots show and I got my picture with guru in the source mag…. he came up to me and said damn yang, I didn’t even recognize you, this little motherfucker got a mustache and everything and my homey’s laughed… I was just happy he remembered me.

hip hop is a small community when it comes to the insiders, we live in a small ass world…. I was just reunited with my old very old friend Damon Elliott who was married to Guru’s 1st wife/baby’s mother… I just asked him if he knew what the deal was with Keith….

I don’t know what else to say but RIP

I will never ever forget how much I played Gang Starr’s records… me and my partner Nic Adler would stay bumping his cd in the car, home, club, everything…. everytime Homicide gets into my car, he knows i’m playing classic hip hop….

in one of my blog entries from 2008, I used Guru’s Ex girl to next girl in reference to an old relationship…

so many memories from my mans music.

mad love

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