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R.I.G. = Rest In Grief….

real shit, fuck my weekend wrap up, I didn’t do much but work and spend time with Nic and her fam and work, but really? history was made, bigger than some of you can fathom and some of y’all believe it or not have made it bigger than it is by doing dumb ass shit that shouldn’t happen even for the 2nd coming of Christ. smh

something you don’t know about me, I have family in North Korea who I have never met and I will never see and my Grandmother died there and we didn’t even know until months later, they don’t have email, they don’t even have TV! everything is North Korea is Kim Jong Il propaganda and just poverty and shit is disgusting…. it took over 15 years to find this piece of shit Osama and he became # 1 on the FBI’s most wanted list since 9/11…. well now he’s gone, It’d be amazing to see another milestone and see someone take out Kim Jong Il and help my people reunite Korea as one again. But the problem is North Korea isn’t rich in Oil or Gold… smh (btw, it’s been well over 40 years)

Obama did make this happen and at the least it was on his watch…. what was gangster is that obama’s speech interrupted Donald Trump’s the Apprentice show and you know the donald has been yapping his mouth about our president lol….. #game #blouses .

This whole Bin Laden incident happened so damn fast; I thought he’d been dead for years, or that he was killed last week… and I was still speculating about conspiracy shit, but then early last night while searching trends on twitter… I saw this pakistani IT guy FROM ABBOTTABAD who had 5,000 followers with the twitter handle @reallyvirtual who tweeted the killing of Osama live!!!!! when I went to bed, he was at 9,900 followers… woke up today and he’s at 60,000!!!! social networking is crazy…. please read dudes twitter feed, it’s fucking awesome and his english is straight… unbelievable. and he’s pretty witty for a nerd. you gotta check it.

was he hired by the CIA? hmmmmm

bottom line is yesterday History was made on May 1st. and No Hitler killed himself via gunshot by suicide on April 30th, so don’t try to compare both, Hilter? nevermind, how do you compare the biggest piece of shit ever to the biggest mass murderer scumbag fuckhead? they both suck, they’re both gone.

any thoughts? I know a lot of you guys can’t just believe this without seeing a picture…. what’s so irritating to me is that they made an announcement without any proof and then buried him at sea? who gets buried on the same day? I mean, show me something though…. do I get to bring over 3 oz. on the plane now? hell no, we can’t let our guard down for a second now, the terrorists attacks won’t stop, we took out the head of Al Qaida, not everyone in their group. oh well…… let’s see what happens.

as for my weekend, I really just worked my ass off and chilled. at at Go Burger in Hollywood again and it was fucking fantastic…. had a vintage Dr. Pepper with Cane Sugar and it was great…. smoked some OG with my lil homey Cody…. and remember I said in a blog post last week about running into my homey Reggie Bush? well another conspiracy? does he still have it? or did he forfeit it?

shit is crazy… he still got his dope ass house too which I LOVE.

how about another small time conspiracy?

yes thats in my hand and at my store…. do any of y’all remember this pic?

anyways, while I was eating lunch with Nic yesterday at the Americana, I was walking into the courtyard and saw the flag and wanted to take a pic, just looking at it was kinda dope and I never really speak on flags too much but I wanted to take this pic and then a few hours later, Obama made his speech


btw, did you see how Obama walked away from the podium after he finished his speech? swagger on 350 smh…. he walked off like he was walking off a cameo in a Run DMC video mannnnn

back to conspiracies….

what is behind door #2? lol

could it be this??? (click to see)

lol, my manager Bo took that pic a while ago smh


everyone have a great day

I’ll be back this week with some jewelry updates and I just landed an account in the Hamptons…. make sure if you’re out there or in New York City to check out any of their 3 NY locations. the store’s name is called Blue & Cream

btw, catching and killing Osama didn’t do shit for gas or gold prices….
gold is still $1,560 an oz! and gas is still sky high

just make sure the price on these commodities don’t rise…


lol…. okay

aite, peace! peace!

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