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that’s my boy’s new moniker, not Pusha T the rapper, but Pusha Keys the Doctor lol.

okay, fuck all that
peep game:
Pusha is not new to jewelry at all, he’s done business with Lorraine Schwartz, done biz with Jacob and has been around and buying high quality jewelry for a very long time, even before his rap career. being close to Pharrell as well, he knows what that shit is you put on your neck while wearing an Alexander Wang t-shirt and something you would never put on a pro-club tee. He gotta always keep the Jesus piece and some other few keys things we’re making right now and he wants to do a fun set up soon too for the 80’s OG’s…. but this time around, we made the classiest piece of jewelry I can say in a long time, classiest piece we’ve made this year and I’m going to fuck around and say this is the best piece of custom jewelry we’ve made all year.

pusha gave me 3 keys and I was like wtf?
he said one thing to me….. “keys open doors”
there are several definitions to that term and if you think about it, nevermind…. shit might be too deep.

but this is what he gave me to start

a standard kwikset, schlage and yale key

I said, okay, you ain’t fucking around….
what we doin?
yellow gold, white gold and rose gold and I want all these bitches flooded. I mean I want both sides flooded with VVS’s and I need these to look classy

so fuck around and 2 weeks later, we made some shit that Ralph Lauren would rock himself….
I’m very proud of the outcome


smh, that is truly beautiful right there… I even offered Pusha a refund and wanted to keep these bitches. He even told me he couldn’t stop looking at them!
so the specs:
14k white gold, 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold (the trinity!)
we had to make these keys double the thickness in order to ice out both sides so that we didn’t drill into the opposite sides. the keys are solid too, so they’re heavy. each key has over 6 carats of VVS2/VS1 diamonds on them and the chain we used was a 14K Tiffany Link necklace and he didn’t want to use a bead chain or a cuban or a franco…. not even a custom bullet chain. so that set up was perfect. the pave work if you pay attention is perfect and not even machine set, this was set by my best diamond setter inside my camp and if you look down the stem or leg of each key, he channel set the diamonds. so you have 2 different settings and the outcome is magnificent for real.
we even used a different type of laser for the pieces and lasering was very tough because there was no real estate to laser onto! we iced out almost everything! ha!

thank you Pusha again for your business and we will get this next project on its way RIGHT NOW!

p.s. this ain’t the average rapper, he’s been to france and experienced shit outside the hood and absorbed so much swag that this motherfucker once said, he eats pasta ” Al Dente’ ” smh, you feel me? he on some other shit

peace everyone
and blessings
enjoy your weekend!

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