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this is gonna be one of those long blogs….
a lotta pics, a lotta of extra yapping too.
so monday morning I was stressed out lightweight and decided I needed a quick getaway…. San Diego weather has been the pits all year long, so I chose Palm Springs since it was hot…
for many years, I have been quoted saying this: “I rather be in 110 degree weather than 25 degree weather” …. after this trip specifically, I eat my words….

so I take off to Palm Springs and honestly, I haven’t been in about a decade or so….. went to cabazon premium outlets like 8 years ago, but haven’t been to Palm Springs in a long time. I had 2 choices… the parker or the viceroy, now I called both and the parker has a 5 star restaurant in house, but ITS CLOSED TIL SEPT 1ST!!! so to the Viceroy I go…. I get there from LA in about 90 minutes… didn’t hit any traffic so I thought everything was all good…. I heard there were a lot of gays hanging out in Palm Springs so I was anxious…..

this looks like brokeback mountain, doesn’t it? well, I heard the largest gay parade or gathering for gays is held in palm springs now…. so I know I’m headed in the right direction….

as soon as I check into this lavish boutique hotel, I immediately notice 1. that the devil is leaning on my shoulder, matter o fact, he’s sitting on my mid thoracic back area…. and 2. this hotel is NOT as rad as the Viceroy in Santa Monica…. SHAKING MY FUCKING HEAD IN DIGUST…. I ask for the best room they have… they have a handful of villas which are very nice from what I hear and are 1200 sq feet with all the fancy furniture(shit you see at stores on beverly and robertson blvd)….. well, NO villas left and the hotel is fucking a ghost town! I mean if you want to get away from LA, get a tan and be away from everyone then this is your ideal destination; fuck me! we’ll get more into the ghost town later….

so they give me the best suite they have(1 bedroom my ass) which is a king size bed pool view (there are 2 pools here, both combined are smaller than Homicides pool at his crib) and this rooms balcony/pool view reminded me of the view Daniel Laruso had in his reseda apartment building complex…

notice the fresh ass air conditioner they got?

a bullshit aside, this was the ONLY highlight pic I took of the hotel room….

so I say fuck this shit…. let’s go to the pool and cool out for a second…
this is where it gets even more fucked up….

as I walk by the Villas pool, I see this robust man, who looks like my friend Michael Stone and this is the 1st thing I see #truestory smh
stonerokk actually just got back from getting a fresh fade from the barbershop…. but not on his head, but to cut the hair on his back
and guess what else? Stonerokk got there about 30 minutes before me and he got a Villa #fuckyou

I decide to make the best of my stay and again… this town, this hotel is deader than formaldehyde …..

I brought all the essential tools that rainbow sticker collectors like….

stonerook took this picture with his brand new lame iphone 4

I ignored him and pumped Bob Marley on my LRG mini stereo speaker….

I thought I saw a shark in the pool…. but it was just Nic and she was hating on me because more men were checking me out than her….
btw, those marc jacobs thong sandals on my feets were only $12 at the marc jacobs store

nic got her tan on too….

we ordered some iced tea and filtered ice water and the ice melted before we could even drink the shit…
also ordered a plate of sliced oranges and pineapples and the bill came out to $20 (rad! NOT!!!)

after a few hours… enough was enough; time to head back to my awesome room….

I decided to check out the strip since I haven’t been here in soo long and I honestly couldn’t believe how bad the economy has taken over this city as well….. I mean over 1/2 of the entire strip was either closed or out of business and the strip was dead! I used to hit Palm Springs every single summer during my high school days and in my super younger days, this was the spot to vacation at! during the 80’s this was THEE spring break hang out capital for every super hot chick in Cali…. now it’s the secret getaway spot for guys stuck in the closet… smh

I called the concierge who is also the manager, who also works the front desk and I wouldn’t be surprised if he valets and make sandwiches for the hotel…… and he tells me, that from July 15th to the 1st of September, almost everything is closed….

I call Stonerokk to see what he’s doing and he’s at the local liquor store shopping for wine and cheese (I wish I was fucking kidding, he acts like he’s a fucking Vanderbilt or some shit… with his Toms on and his Goyard Wallet, John Varvatos butt hugger shorts and Paul Smith button down)…. so I get back to my room and decide to order a movie… GUESS WHAT? NO PAY PER VIEW IN THIS HOTEL TV!!! even better? it’s a CRT Zenith tube television! YEP… “LIKE A 27 INCH ZENITH… BELIEVE IT” (if you don’t know where that line is from and please don’t google it, then you should catch a virus from my blog for living underneath a sombrero!) so anyways…. are you fucking kidding me? the holiday inn has flat screens now! so I’m really steamed…. I ask what time the spa closes… guess what? THEIR SPA IS NOT OPEN ON MONDAYS OR TUESDAYS! I’m just like Jesus H. Christ….. so I go down to the front desk to check out their dvd selections and the latest or freshest movies they have are Talladega Nights or Duets…. hmmm… KILL ME…… PEEP GAME…. THERE ISN’T A EVEN A BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO WITHIN A 25 MINUTE DRIVE FROM THE HOTEL AND WE’RE RIGHT OFF THE STRIP!

so we get lightweight fresh and head down to the hotel restaurant which at least I know will be the truth… food and decor wise that is…. I still think Whist(inside Viceroy Santa Monica, also 1 of my fave restaurants) is still better…. I sit down and get a cold glass of Pinot Grigio, a sprite on the side as a spritzer and some cold ass filtered water…. we get served some tomato mozzarella garnish paste with some breadsticks that are super money! didn’t even order an appetizer… but got the rainbow trout, which was good but slightly bland and the chicken which was tasty….


the restaurant decor was all the way fresh….


food may not look so delish…. but it def tasted pretty good

I’m upset there weren’t more men in the restaurant, so I got on the horn
(actually on the phone with my cousin steve who is telling me I’m selling way too much shit lol)

so headed back to the room, but 1st eaves dropped on stonerooks room and heard some mozart bumping and music with only heavy treble playing, so I got scared and went back to my hot ass room…. it was about 82 degrees at 11pm btw….. decided to watch Duets and I actually got a few chuckles

so the next day….. I get up early to hopefully get a better start and hit the pool..
this time we hit the pool that is directly in front of my room….
ordered some breakfast which was off the hook

french toast smothered in nutella with bananas and strawberrys = win!

nic has sooo much discipline it’s sick… I’m on vacation, fuck that…. lol

I’m actually not blogging, but on craigslist searching for some men with a van or a male massage therapist

don’t ask

this is what cums when you call a craigslist #….
but actually Stonerokk was more ambitious and actually yelped a restaurant for brunch with one of his iphone4 apps…. who cares!

after not even 2 hours into the morning, I gave up and said I gotta find something to do…. so we headed off to Cabazon to see if there was anything ill to cop.
we hit every single premium store and straight up and down, Cabazon is just Cabashit! I mean I was trying to spend money and there was nada! I did cop some Converse low top patent leather Lupe Fiasco chuck taylors which I needed…. but NOTHING ELSE!

got a wack ass food court lunch and shook back to the hotel
this time, we ordered room service which was the same menu as the restaurants menu (citron) so I wasn’t mad…. watched Shark Week and browsed online for better vacation destinations and did some lightweight online shopping….

woke up early wednesday morning and said fuck this, time to head back to LA…. I coulda saved $1,000 and did this shit at home…. smh

you have to pass through the restaurant to get to the lobby to get to the valet….
check out the cool ass chandelier, it’s made out of fresh ass drinking glasses (you know my trip sucked when I’m focusing on this shit)

so goodbye gay springs….

was this all a dream? #inception ?????


naw, shits reality…. I got a certified dime piece who I love… fuck this town

made a C line straight to the Slauson to get in some work!
and now…..
I’M BACK LIKE COOKED CRACK! (but really, I never left)

now I got some pieces that needed to be shipped out, some orders that needed to be started on and a whole lot of gucci digital diamond watches that needed to be made and sold…. we can’t even keep these Gucci shits on the shelves or display cases for too long…

we made a few more different styles in the gucci digital watches and we also got in ladies sizes in the gucci digi diamond watches…

left side: full size black pvd with white diamonds…
right side: ladies size black pvd with black diamonds
sorry for the shitty pic, it’s an iphone, what do you expect? and I drink a lot of caffeine!

you might not be able to tell in this pic… but the left watch is the ladies gucci digital joint with the big donut bezel in black diamonds…. it looks like it’s the same size as the big dog, but it’s not and it’s priced to MOVE!

so now because everyone’s budget is not the same… we’ve made options for these watches…. from doing a 5 carat straight OEM look to a 15 carat black diamond with big donut bezel to just doing a donut bezel or any variation you could possibly want….


don’t sleep… there’s over 11 carats in that donut bezel alone (black diamonds weigh more than white diamonds)

and for a different look…. black pvd steel, but with white diamonds on the big bezel…. approx 7.5 carats total on this

just white on white….

shout out to my homey Rusty from Speck Products who just copped the 5 carat white diamond joint from me!
we had to laser our IF on the back of his joint so folks know it’s official steez

enjoy big homey! I need that 9800 blackberry torch asap fam!

soooo….. just because we’ve moved a lot of these Gucci joints, doesn’t mean we aren’t still the reigning champions of the plastic watch game…. and what better way to stay on top by showing off this 16 carat VS diamond 25th anniversary G-Shock 6900 we made for the diamond G-Shock champion straight out of Seattle(smh of all places, lol)


now that’s some heavy duty shit! you couldn’t hate even if you wished to

remember that little tiny white gold, white diamond “g” pendant we made a month ago in typewriter font?
well that shit spawned a lot of orders for custom name plates in smaller sizes for that different low key classy look


(last pic is a blackberry pic)

don’t sleep… THIS SHIT WAS MADE FOR A KID WHO ISN’T EVEN 2 YEARS OLD! don’t trip… he got a 14k white gold franco for his pendant because we don’t want his neck to catch a rash lol….. thing is solid and heavy too! his moms could rock it
(speaking of Seattle again, shout out to Chris 206 for the 4 min design)

so what’s next???
by these pics below, you might not be able to tell, but we made a night and day difference for a customer out in Texas who got a NCCA Championship Ring playing football for the University of Texas, the Longhorns….
the ring originally had all cubic zirconias and needed some polishing, etc… he wanted to replace all the cz’s with genuine diamonds and with good quality diamonds…. and also get an official gem lab appraisal.
so….. we remixed it for him



it was already missing a stone and he just wanted this ring to be all the way official so he sent it to us. I still can’t believe that they used fake stones for a championship ring… smh… it sorta makes sense because they had to make over 100 rings, but damn! at least the gold was legit. when he told me he wanted to send me the ring to check if it was legit, I thought he was joking, but he obviously wasn’t.

so we worked on it for a week… popped out all the bullshit and inserted the legitness


that marquis diamond on the side is the size of a small engagement ring and it’s rare you see round brilliant diamonds mixed with princess cut diamond and baguette diamonds and a marquis diamond all on 1 ring…. even rarer I guess to see them in cubic zirconia form (at least in my store it is)

thank you marcus for your business! I hope you enjoy your newly redone ring and your appraisal.

and now lastly for today’s blog entry…..
over the weekend we finally finished a piece we were making but got put on the back burner only because we had so much work come in this year and we are getting orders everyday….

we made a white and black diamond monopoly man pendant and it’s not small, but also not too big…. it’s just right! I love this piece, but forgot to bring a camera to the store on saturday when I saw it being finished and the blackberry cam wasn’t gonna be good enough to show the detail on this piece.


alright, thanks for reading….

I gotta ship out some jewels, personally deliver some jewels and also get back to work so I can pay for my liposuction surgery for my neck


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