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mannnn… so after my flight, I fell my ass asleep… almost done with the recessed lighting in my bedroom and had to repaint,  so my bedroom smelled crazy, but I didn’t gives a fuck… slept and woke up at midnight… said fuck it, gonna go fux with my fam VICE at Playhouse…. we just literally killed the night before at XS and I had the bug bad…. so I headed up there…. always VIP, always fam…. Igor, got nothing but mad love for you squiggy!

got there, headed straight to the stage and I don’t know how the fuck Vice does it, jesus, he dj’s 9 nights a week 413 days a year, no joke…. my man gusto was rockin before, but I got there late… patron and pineapple was my poison… anyways, didn’t want to waste the pics, so why not blog huh?

you wanna see pics? click the link below…..


just had to take a pic to show the pink headshell on Vice’s stylus’s (dj talk…. needles)

me get on the mic and talk shit? no way!

Vice turned off the music for a second and told everyone to twit pic the club with the lights on…. place was fucking packed as always….

there wasn’t no contest here…. just wanted to show 3 g-shocks…. Vice got his for free, so let’s not talk about that…. gusto with the regular military 6900(I love that watch) and of course I’m rockin that 14 carat Frogman

the homey Vinnie(Vincent Laresca) showed up(with the hoody on) and we all been friends over a decade… He’s an actor, been in a ton of shit, but the one that always sticks with me, was he was 2pac’s foe in Juice and Pac got revenge on Vinnie and said “RIVERSIDE MOTHERFUCKER!” lol… when he showed up to the booth…. Vice played Riverside…. Vinnie was also in Devils Advocate in the scene where he tries to rob Al Pacino and Pacino tells him, his wife is sharing a jumbo of crack with his brother and they just finished fucking lool….

anyways… today was the busiest day of MY LIFE!!!! jesus, since I was gone for 3 days, I had so much shit to do, mad emails which I haven’t read, deliveries, meetings, all types of shit… I just got home from the Diamond x Young and Reckless party and another party after…. I’ll blog the shit in the morning.

god bless!

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