Pigs are Flying…. I’m not mad… But I am Wavy!

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4 years ago, you couldn’t have told me I’d be rocking a medusa that didn’t have a V on it…. 2 years ago YOU REALLY COULDN’T TELL ME I’D HAVE 2 C’S on my gear…. and of course non related to my favoritism to the color blue from the neighborhood I grew up in and ran with

well I guess pigs are flying and I’m eating my words… small differences are in the past and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, who cares.

about 8 years ago I met this cat Dennis and we were both apart of this NIKE focus group, besides him and Bee Nguyen who I was already brothers with, I think that may have been 1 of the only decent things to come out of the sweatshop brand, I mean swooshshop brand.

anyways, this cat and his partner Rob had just created Crooks N Castles…. I’m sure unless you lived underneath a sombrero over the last 5 years that you’ve heard of them…. now they are making major moves, but been making major moves… turned down a 8 figure buy out offer from Jigga man aka Sean Carter (rumored hmmmm ) and got Pacquiao reppin them hardbody to a list of a lotta cats… you seen all their slogans from famous rap songs….
but their motto for a while was “CAN’T STOP THE CROOKS” …. never tried to, but I guess why not join them…. I got maybe 100+ mutual business relationships and friends with the Crooks fam and I know at times I can be a brash asshole…. but champagne under the bridge…. FOR REAL.

anyways, for a while now, they’ve been doing different things and getting into cut and sew shit and knitted cardigans and leathers and denim and my boy MG even helped them with a nice footwear lineup!

I recently visited the concept shop on Sunset Plaza (DAMN Y’ALL FANCY lol) and wasn’t mad…. cuz they had mad Kaws shit, fashion books, etc… they got the correct formula to win, etc…

I don’t wear too much off the wall shit with extra graphics, but I grabbed a couple things that I was feelin heavy….

so after I left Crooks…. I hit up my boy Oleg KUD who is nice with the SLR camera and is quick with it…. we were walking off melrose and shot some candids of me rockin this new 2011 fly shit….
baseball jacket


and then….

peep the knitted wool hoody with the suede lining and borders… this is current Holiday 2010 Crooks


again these pics above were all taken by Oleg KUD who gets DOWN on a quick tip…. these pics above were taken and cropped and untouched in less than 40 minutes, that includes drive time, no joke… it was just a quick walk around the streets….

and yes those sunglasses are from the Crooks n Castles accessories line(you ever see their collab with Mosley Tribes? Oliver Peoples? wow)


fyi, I took those shitty upclose pics of the shades…. Oleg took the professional candids…

these are called the Noriega and I believe they are available now at the Crooks concept shop or online wherever they sell Crooks…. you already know how picky I am with shades…. I don’t rock many, but I fucks with these heavy!

thanks again Dennis… Holiday is lookin right! congrats on the last 8 years….


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