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well before I left I had to grab some gear from my sponsors….
stopped by Supreme on my way out of Diamond…
wanted to use my panoramic feature inside the store…

then hit up Factory 413 while they were closed,

but Angel and Muska opened up for me
this is the back area where the LA offices are and the studio
(btw, you gotta click on these pics to see them blown up big and wide)

and then after I grabbed all that ill new skinny shit, I headed over to LAX to catch the red eye

and you already know

Electus knows I don’t know… they took care of me

landed in NYC hours later, I was so damn tired, I slept 90% of the trip… Virgin first class food is always good though. got picked up by a driver and the weather wasn’t bad…. on the way to the baggage claim area, I got stopped 4 times to take pics with random fans. weird man. even someone at TSA wanted a pic

A decent view from my hotel suite too….  a decent snack too

anything with Nutella on it is money for me!

I only stayed there a night because I found out all of my press was downtown for the next 2 days and I wasn’t about to rape the budget with UBER car rides… so the next day I switched up to the Dream hotel Downtown. thought I’d see my friend Lindsay there lol


such a different feel than the Mandarin Oriental selfie. fuck it…. I was on 100 pretty much the whole time

had my first day of press on the phone and all over town….
my boy Will from the Source magazine came over to drop off a few copies of the Power 30 issue of the Source which is the most viewed and copped issue

and they had a 2 page feature of yours truly up in there!

then caught up with my boy 13th witness who took me and my manager Bo over to Cipriani’s in Soho to grab a bite…thats the legendary 13th witness… who’s father is Futura the legendary artist their Risotto is legendary also


them chops doe!

so after chillin around some real snooty europeans…. I figured we’d take some new publicity/press photos…

twitch in the eye…
btw, that Hoody is fire! and we have some up at the Jugrnaut site still and don’t forget Nov. 10th I’m giving away a fully iced out Micro Jesus piece with the purchase of any Jesus piece hoody or 2 tees and these first set of hoodies are good for the raffle too. so go there now…

13th witness, got his range rover done up by my family, Platinum Motorsport and then shipped his car back to the rotten apple… we were in his shit mashing through Manhattan…
if you look closely, you can see my gay ass manager Bo in the pic and if you look even a bit closer, you can see that big stack in my pocket of my super skinny chinos

well pushing through the ugly weather… I met up with a cat who follows me on instagram and his name is D… D works as a construction worker for the ONE57 building. do you remember when I posted that pic of the 98 million dollar condo in new york city?

not only is it the most expensive property sold in NYC, but it’s also in the tallest residential building in the east coast if not the world… you can see yankees stadium, the meadowlands and every damn bridge in the city!!!!!

well, he laced me up with a little tour. I appreciate it my G
here’s a few pics of the INSANE FUCKING VIEW EVEN ON A SHITTY DAY!!!!


here you can see the Empire State and the new One World Trade Center and remember that view from my hotel suite?

how about a 90th floor view of my hotel! smh

man… people who are worth 2 billion dollars can’t even really afford to live here. the owner is a middle eastern dude

here’s what the building looks like from 56th st.

so fuck it, I shot back to the Hotel… met up with a very old friend of mine China Chow who moved out to NYC and had a very organic japanese dinner at this place called Souen and it was pretty damn good…. we had to catch up on so much. from London to her Vogue shoots and her show and my show and our families etc… that was like one of my best friends in life for the longest…. and one of the reasons why I ate at Mr Chows so much was because um…. that’s her dad. haha

went back to my hotel in that trife weather and btw, I’m walking a lot which I hate to do and since the restaurant was sort of in the West Village, I just walked back over to my hotel which was in the meat packing district…. stopped by the bodega to grab all the shit that is bad for me as I knew in the morning I had A HUGE PRESS DAY.

the penthouse of my hotel had a very decent nightclub/bar which was actually a poppin spot. it’s where Lindsay Lohan was partying just a couple weeks ago when that douche said she ran him over smh…. I ran into some people I knew actually… but I was more into the view outside. now it was the ONE57 view, but I could still see the empire state!

my boy Nelson came thru to the hotel to watch Sons of Anarchy with me and then It was time for me to sleep… so I crashed and woke up early to get ready for a big day of press and what better way to start it out than on the biggest hip-hop radio show on the earth… The Breakfast Club

shout out to DJ Envy, Charlamane and Angela for having me on there…
if you didn’t catch the interview, you can watch it here:

as soon as I left, my episode with Q debuted and the internet was buzzing… my twitter was going fucking nuts! and now that video is over 287k views and climbing and now surpassed episode 1…. it’s got over 100k on worldstar and a lot on 3 other major sites who uploaded it to their own servers.. by the afternoon the Q episode went viral.

after the Breakfast club, we headed up to Complex mag for a few features…
caught up with an old #NT og … my man RUSS! who used to be the editor over at SLAM magazine and also caught up with Joe LaPuma and my girl Sooyoung

after that, headed up to Vibe magazine for another immediate interview
caught up with my man Datwon who is a triple OG in the hip hop press game. we did a magazine interview and a web interview and just talked a lot of shit! that’s what I’m best at no?
much love to the whole Vibe mag crew…

stopped for a quick lunch

you already know.

stepped into a McDonalds to get a orange Hi-C and do this phone interview with and another fan stopped me to say what up and tell me that his son was born on the same day as London was born. so fresh! blessings to dude and his son

after that, headed over to XXL magazine for an exclusive interview with a korean cat named Jaeki who was really cool and made me feel very thankful to have known he’s been following my career for a while now.

after that, I had one more interview with and I was exhausted for real…. what a fucking long day, but we got it in….

much love to everyone over at

caught an uber over to my hotel and passed out for a while…. woke up to a call from Q which is funny since our episode premiered earlier that day and he didn’t even tell me that he was coming to NY. so I jumped in a cab and headed uptown to see my Worldstar fam…. always the same shit, just a different city with my WSHH crew

Q with 4 big security guards deep!!! lol. they all went to a club after and I headed back to my room to get some rest again, had another day of press coming up and I wasn’t feeling like being out when my wife was at home and I was missing the hell out of my son

got back to my hotel and talked to my wife and heard my son crying in the background… knew he missed his daddy!

woke up to another crazed day. this time I got some sleep. I slept in fact for 8 hours! shitttttt… got my shit and packed up because I was leaving. not staying til friday, fuck that, I wanted to get home to my family

my boy 13th witness picked me up and drove me up to times square for a few more press photos…

I fucking hate pictures of myself, but once in every few years I take a couple I like and this one of one of my favorites….

we headed down to 47th street aka the Diamond District and I shut traffic down for 1 minute to have a quick photoshoot

lol. a LOT of HATE for me lies on 47th

it was crazy because I didn’t all these other guys who talk shit and hate on me, but love to shake my hand and take pics…. but what surprised me is how much love Aviannes showed your boy

I also chopped it up with them for a while and then cut out to handle the rest of my last 2 interviews

13th witness dropped me off outside Sirius studios and it was on….
I was being interviewed by DJ Whoo Kid and I knew we were gonna do an ill show together


while I was waiting for about 4 minutes…. London was on Rodeo drive in his dope Gucci fit passed out with his mommy and grandma so Whoo Kid walks out and we just get fucking into the interview!


while he starts asking me questions, I start answering them…. but then

I say fuck it and start DJing it’s been a minute, but I showed mad love to my coast! the best side!

we talked about everything from Dr. Dre to 2pac and from my early days of hustling to my jewelry business to rappers who wear fake jewels and of course my new show. shit was dope as fuck!

thank you Whoo Kid for real!

shook up out of there and headed to to interview with Young Jack Thriller and Nelson and jack thriller is a fool!!! he had me busting up! man, that was a fun ass interview too. when I walked into the offices, I didn’t know 50 cent was going to be there, so me and 50 chopped it up for a minute about Floyd and other shit…. after the interview, I met this comedian/actor Michael Blackson who is funny as fuck lol…. man. the interview should be up today or tomorrow and I can’t wait to hear it! shot the fuck out of there and mashed over to get a few slices in midtown….

then I shot back downtown to my hotel to grab my shit and head to JFK…

TRAFFIC TO JFK WAS THE WORST I’VE EVER SEEN! smh, shit took me 2 hours to get to the airport!!!!
thank god I left with a cushion and was flying on first!

round trip 1st class swag, not that faking jacks shit!

so I get to my plane, I board and I’m sitting next to the legend Harry Connick Jr. and after a while, he’s really to himself and quiet… he asks me, “Are you famous or something?” haha

I passed out and woke up 4 hours later to find out that WE HAVEN’T EVEN FUCKING LEFT THE RUNWAY!!! man I was so fucking pissed off! fuck, I tweeted about it and direct messaged Virgin because they’re always on point, but our AC was out and I didn’t give a fuck because the plane was already kind of cold, but we waited another hour before a new plane arrived so I got home stupid late! again, the food was good, the actual service was excellent and they gave me a $250 voucher to use… btw, I forgot to mention, shout out to Gogo inflight wifi for hooking me up with free wifi for both to NYC and back home to LA

got home and my wife was waiting for me…. got home home and my son was waiting for me  I didn’t sleep for shit though lol first day back I just chilled out all day, took care of emails, but spent time with my fam watched this new show called “Breaking Amish” and man, shit is pretty entertaining lol… fuck man, that would be crazy if I landed on TLC went to fill up the bentley with gas and seen Gas had hit $5.45 in certain areas….

couldn’t believe the prices… this was the cheapest in my area and I said to myself… my car gets about 6 miles per gallon, so if I want to continue this type of lifestyle…. I NEED TO HUSTLE HARDER!!! or else drive our Prius more often (btw, that car is outta here soon!)

went to the americana with my wife later and got some dinner and walked around with London and then came home and knocked out

Saturday I woke up in a spending mood and went out and upgraded my watch right quick


fuck it. why not? it’s money in the bank for me as I was driving back home… I heard myself on shade 45 on Whoo Kid’s show(btw the biggest hip hop show on satelite radio)


other fans were tweeting about it too and my twitter again began to go nuts it never meant much or was a big deal to be on the radio, but to be a featured planned guest and see it pop up on the screen kinda got me hyped… btw, I told Harry Connick Jr. that I wasn’t famous, not at all  later on, me and Nic went to go see Taken part 2 at the Arclight and it was playing in the big DOME theater….

maybe I expected too much since Taken was such a classic… but this was eh. I could have waited but waiting isn’t me. but I give it a 6.7 out of 10 at best. it was also really short and looked low budget smh….

thank god I have the greatest in-laws ever…. they love and are obsessed with London and take care of him when we need them to. they’re very supportive and it’s awesome… they’re always over helping me and Nic

later that, night I had to run over to The Weeknd’s hotel to chop it up and drop off this custom diamond pin we made him and catch up with my XO fam

Abel was in a really good mood… in fact his whole crew was all smiles and positive energy. so dope to see that. shout out to my man CASH who is a fucking G! and shout out to Lamar… I even posted a throwback pic of a CP records piece I made… shout out to Belly and my whole team in Toronto!

I also made Abel some black diamond studs to rock and when he got them, he was so super thankful and appreciative and showed stupid love!
but check out this SICK diamond and gold XO pin we made him….


we started to get to drinking so I cut out… I had 1 drink, I knew after 1, I’d want 4 and then 4 turns into 10 and then that turns into let me get a room or a car service back home so fuck that. oh not to mention a headache in the morning…. so I shook

the next day, we handled more family shit….
and later that day, my mother in law watched London so I could take Nic to see the Weeknd perform at the legendary Hollywood Bowl and also see one of her favorite bands Florence and the Machine….


#crewlove on our way…

btw, shout out to Andy and Judy over at the Hollywood Bowl parking lot for taking care of us big time! they showed crazy love….

now, in my entire lifetime, I’ve only been to the Hollywood bowl 3 times, once for the playboy jazz festival almost 16 years ago and then to see Sade and Jay-Z…. Jay-Z is the only rapper to ever perform there and most likely will be the last. I can’t believe it actually. Black Eyed Peas don’t count… but outside the legends in jazz like Miles Davis or Donald Byrd, Roy Ayers etc…. in the 80’s to now I’d say maybe 3, MAYBE 4 black artists have performed at the Hollywood Bowl, so damn man, I told Abel that and he was fucking amped to do his thing. it’s definitely an honor for sure….

walk in the VIP entrance and immediately run into the homey Juicy J


look out for that jewelry collab soon

stopped off at the little gift shop/cafe they have and MAN! they have everything from bottle of fine wine to rose’ to even soju! shit, they had tall cans of imported beer and sushi and mad snacks! BUT ALL EXPENSIVE AS FUCK! lol… all good. we grabbed some snacks and headed to our seats…

Echoes of Silence…. The Weeknd XO

it may have been a small looking pin, but anyone who went to the show knows he rocked it and you could see it clearly… also the earrings… it’s that official IF&CO with that XO

Abel did a 45 min set, so it was kind of short, so he just played straight hits! killed it… the audience was mostly hipsters anyways due to Florence, but it was fucking packed!


Florence made her super hipster entrance…. I knew only a few songs and even though she’s dope and her band is amazing and the sound of the bowl is awesome… when I seen her run around the stage with no shoes on and her tim burton type dress and started to do Pirouettes and twirl around was when I knew it was time for my ass to leave. lol

Nic was cool with it, we missed London anyways….

so I woke up early as fuck Monday morning and said, I hate Mondays, I’m back at work today 100% and so I need to change something up to make this day great!
I had to do a bunch of deliveries… and had a meeting with the infamous Kid Retro who copped 3 VVS micro jesus pieces and a VVS micro cross…. then had to ship a few things…. and since the bank was closed, nobody was getting paid from me lol….

but I made some calls, made some connects and decided to head on over to Beverly Hills Rolls Royce and after about 30 minutes…
I left there in this

a brand new 2012 Rolls Royce Ghost… all black on black on black with all the options and the panoramic roof. shit is just amazing… I don’t even miss my FS speed at all.
this shit is just boss life period!

I don’t know if I’m going to go crazy on this car, but as is, it just makes such a crazy statement. and what I love is that they changed up the key this time and it’s fucking nice!

its about the size of a Motorola V phone and it’s heavy… made of some sort of Onyx and Crystal and has that RR bird in the front and the RR logo on the back. shit is so sick! they only give you one key though… the spare is a sick key too, but looks like the new BMW 7 series key (but it’s all black which is kinda cool)

THANK YOU JON OVER AT BEVERLY HILLS ROLLS ROYCE FOR THE SICK DEAL!!!!! I’m still amazed. much love to Rolls Royce North America

I cruised around the city from Beverly Hills to Melrose to South Central and through K-Town….
I got the car with 9 miles on it. I think it has 35 now haha…. ROAD TRIP TIME!

but you know what?

nothing beats that…. ok y’all. that took 3 hours to write and edit… sheesh!!!

I got a big meeting with Oprah today, wonder how I even got on her teams radar… crazy shit man all the funny hater comments I see on blog and shit, you guys are wasting your time for real. get motivated, because when you hate on me, I just do shit like cop stupid $330,000 cars and do things that make you angrier. do something else though…. my name is BEN BALLER, not Ben Humble. it’s my lifestyle, you chose to tune in. I have never ever been motivated by a super humble person in my lifetime… even Bruce Lee who many say was a humble man, told people he was going to whip the ever loving shit out of them before he put hands on them…. AMEN


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