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I don’t even want to say shit.
there is nothing else to say….
this is a fucking fight you dip shit! there isn’t any hugs or kisses in a fight?
I don’t give a fuck if it was ugly or what you haters or even fans didn’t like the outcome….

the ref spoke on it and said it best…. “floyd did nothing wrong”
and that’s coming from the officiator who isn’t even really the biggest fan of Mayweather.
the fight wasn’t fixed… he was breaking Victoria down anyways.
as for victoria ortiz? if he thought it was a cheap shot, like enough to have an “L” on his record? he woulda freaked the fuck out. he wouldn’t be unclassy for doing so. I’m surprised he didn’t act up, but the ref called “TIME IN” don’t matter if victoria didn’t hear him, put your motherfucking hands up! again, this is a fight! he was saying money may was soft, blah blah blah, sucker punch? naw, he hit him once…. waited a good LONG second and laid him down… he should seen it coming! when he got all hyped and INTENTIONALLY LUNGED UP TO HEAD BUTT THE CHAMP, THE CHAMP LOOKED AT THE REF LIKE “YOOO, HEY WHAT THE FUCK????” but the champ still kept his guard up. bottom line. then dude walked up and kissed him? got a point deducted and it was on… ain’t nothing else to talk about. hard lesson learned. too bad. you already know, study your opponent, Pretty Boy is an emotional dude…. I mean, hey, I wasn’t looking!!! bitch that’s your problem. you were losing anyways…. Champ told me while we were driving in the Maybach…. Ben, I’m gonna beat the dog shit outta this boy. He think he got size and more power…. but I’mma knock him out. I never heard him say Knock out in the past even before I knew him…..

thats the end. Boxing would review it and change it if it wasn’t legal.

now, I just want to see a Pacquaio vs. Mayweather fight. bottom line.
there’s nothing else to watch. nobody wants to see a rematch of this bum ass youngster vs. the Champ.

I made some money, I’m happy….
I hope to see my money team fam next time I’m in vegas soon or when they come out to LA again.
much love to the whole fam, P-Reala, Big Kip, Jourdan, Wayne, John, Pete, Rick, Jackie, Dayvon, 50 (there’s a lot of cats I don’t know well, but you know I always show love when I see y’all) and of course boss man himself. Floyd

I ate good, slept good….. with the one I love.

I can’t complain.


during fight weekends, everything goes up, even bullshit flights… bullshit hotels and even bottle prices go up smh

nobody trains harder….

I knew it was gonna be on after weigh ins…..

on some cape fear swag! lol

who do you think the Champ bet on yesterday???? #1million #louisdufflebag


the double R life….


shot by Champs personal photographer…. Pistol Pete in the best seats in the house….

the Champ is in the building…. I see you Dayvon! I see you big KIP!

sit yo bitch ass down Oscar! you’re boy is dirty! so he had to get dropped!

I see you Jourdan! lol

don’t get mad….. get money!


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