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so the Yankees came down to dodger stadium last night and are playing a 3 game series here for the 1st time in 6 years or longer and it’s always something fun. in fact when barry bonds was chasing the record and was only 1 HR away from getting his asterisk, that game’s tickets were no where near the same price as these seats are! and that’s our biggest rival in the league…. in fact this game was sold out a long ass time ago! bleacher seat pairs were hitting for $300! wtf?

anyways, me and Homicide are the most LA guys ever…. we reminisce on so much LA shit it’s crazy… I mean both of our dads took us to dodger games when we were kids and everything….. of course the Lakers got my heart, but I fuck with good ole dodger blue… I remember the hay days with steve garvey, steve yaeger, ron cey and of course fernando valenzuela…
people don’t always dress up to lakers game, a good amount do get heavy in gear, but not like the dodger fans do, shit was crazy! I remember going to the world series vs the yankees in 1978!
me and homicide were sitting talking about rivalries and the raiders to mad shit… had to acknowledge how great these 2 logos are and how amazing the yankees are in baseball. I could talk about this type of shit for years…

no thanks to my original hook up who had seats for me for $45 each which now turned out to 4x that for our seats, but thank god we got to go because both of us are leaving town tonight…. so we can’t catch the earlier game today or tomorrows game, but maybe I’ll get to check out the new Yankee stadium while i’m in the rotten apple.

our seats were good and easy access to everything, thanks darren.
traffic to the game was fucking nuts! first off, it’s friday, so traffic is already bad, but it’s all the yankee fans who moved to LA to harass us and tons of dodger fans all fighting to get to the stadium before 7:10pm…. shit was a zoo and a big ass mess! but we left the crib early and got there…. now we got to talking a lot of shit to yankee fans and everyone on twitter, but at the end of the day, CC was too much for us, A-Rod shot one out the park and they just got way too many stars on their team (fuck you yankees lol)
We both had a lot of fun, fuck it…. it was worth the money,
also, we asked this guy who worked at the stadium gift shop to hook us up with a MANNYWOOD tee and he did. MAD LOVE HOMEY! there were tons of celebs there, from Billy Crystal to Larry King and Flea and the red hot chili peppers played the national anthem via guitars…. shit was awesome, especially Flea rocking the 2010 world champions lakers hat! speaking of my lakeshow…. Pau Gasol threw out the 1st pitch and everytime he stood up in his seat, he got a standing ovation…. always a good time at dodger stadium, except for the $65 you spend in a little bit of food smh…. also was good hearing and seeing Vin Scully who is literally the last remaining true great hall of famer voice in sports today… I remember hearing his announce the games when I was a damn toddler!

well here’s some pics taken with my phone

GRAND MIXER DJ HOMICIDE! in the fresh super fresh ass Ramirez authentic jersey…


not shown $7 ice cream, $8 garlic fries, $15 beer, $smh$

this is gonna get much play for the summer

aww yeah… I can’t wait to be asked to do a MY TOWN drop for the dodgers… shout out to the homey’s LMFAO, we saw your dodger drop! #oneday #someday #sigh lol

red hot chili peppers…. #USA! #LA!

world champion laker, Pau throwing out the 1st pitch

2/3 of AMC ….. DJ AM you will never be forgotten #RIP

on everything I love, I told Homicide literally 20 seconds before this pitch that I had a funny feeling in my gut that A-Rod was about to hit this ball out the park… smh, he did. ask homicide if you see him, smh…

I gotta take my girl to a game soon and maybe do a group seat jump off again,


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