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I couldn’t imagine having a coffee table without this book… makes it truly complete now! if you haven’t checked it out or bought a copy yet, go to your local bookstore and get it: LA WOMAN

Now I’ve written about my big hermano Estevan Oriol a few times on my blog, but this time it’s for something better than usual. I got to slightly help out with a project of his that means a lot to me as well as to him I’m sure…. but LA Woman is not just a coffee table book but a blueprint of what these new jack photographers (who should just claim they take pictures instead of saying they are “photogs”) should learn from. I met Steve-O with Cypress Hill in the early/mid 90’s and he’s been cooler and cooler ever since…. I knew he would blow up one day, but not like this. He’s captured everything from jail cells to Robert Deniro & Al Pacino to of course, the lovely ladies of LA. He also shot my headshots, thank you Estevan, I love you and your whole family and you know this big homey! Thank you for letting me be involved!

anyways, my participation was bringing a few girls on to this project, but one of them that stuck and made the final cut was Jeri Lee…. she’s definitely a LA Woman! I wish you could see all the unpublished pics, I mean you wish! lol

(click on photos to enlarge them)

the big homey at work…. no flash, no fancy SLR camera

I love making him angry

BANG BANG! Jeri lookin sexxxy than a muthafucka

world champion (lol)

it’s a wrap! for the shooting day!
I’m glad to have introduced you two people together, because you both have worked well with each other and big homey I appreciate you putting my lil mama in the book and all the magazines.

I love the photos inside, but this is my favorite part. haha

p.s. new jack photographers, pay homage to a true OG before you jack his styles

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