Kim K cops a Ferrari 458 Italia

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so yesterday I stopped by platinum to say hi to my brother George…. and the rest of my platinum family….

they’re not doing much… just tuning some new body CLS63’s, CL65’s, Ferrari Californias…. a few sprinter vans, some bentleys, just the basic shit…. but they are tuning and painting their 4th Bugatti! real shit, they’re the first to do anything to a Bugatti custom appearance wise period (wheels, kit, non exhaust or engine tuning or ecu shit) …. go to their website and check out their gallery

here’s the before pics…


I don’t have the after pics yet because this is a work in progress… but that’s $1.8 million on a skeleton and tires!
check out the guts are even carbon fiber! smh

but after checking out whats going on… I see a new 458 Italia just finished…. sick diffuser and new platinum motorsport Agetro mesh concave monoblock wheels! and I find out this is the homey Kim K’s new whip… she finally copped something italian…
so clean!!!!


Kim was with a very old friend of mine Robin Antin (founder of the Pussy Cat Dolls) who I haven’t seen in a year….

anyways, it was funny because she’s never driven the car but once and George asked her “you know how to drive this right?” Kim said “yeh honey, don’t worry, I’m good…… hey, how do you roll down the windows?” she also didn’t know where reverse was on the car…. lmao! it’s shit like that or coming over to her crib and seeing mad donuts and cinnamon toast crunch (probably was all Rob’s at the time) that make me still love the old Kim. When she got into reverse, I thought she was gonna run my feet over lol…. then me and George had to teach her how to drive F1…. she almost stalled on the street… false shifted and then I got her into 1st and she was mashing on her way to CBS to check out Rob do his thing! that white rari is so swag. mannnnn
She’s always been mad cool to me no matter what though….

here’s some papparazzi footage of her picking up her car
more pics and video when you click the link!
there’s video and pics on there……

I heard Rob actually murdered shit last night on Dancing With The Stars…. I didn’t see it, but I voted 12 times…. I’m gonna try to go catch it next week.

aite y’all…..
boring shit, I know


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