harder to blog these days… but still crazy busy!!!

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it really is, I feel like the days are getting shorter and shorter as I wait for my son to arrive and just got so much shit to do and I don’t want to lay this all on my new interns… but still looking for a couple more so if I didn’t contact you, hold tight. I kept the top 25 in pocket.

so I hate to cramp in a bunch of shit that happened last week, but damn I don’t have a choice!
last week was a long week and I thought it would never end… the crazy part? I was getting paid everyday and still wanted it to end. smh….. so many new jewels and stories. I’ll try to fit everything I can remember in, but fuck I’m old!

jumped over to vegas first class with wifey to check out my boy Money Mayweather train before the fight and we got in a little late. I didn’t know he was gonna be super late to his press day at his gym. lol had I known, I woulda stopped by earlier…. but instead, we checked into our suite at the Wynn and did a little shopping….

6 months preg and she thinks she looks big!

everyone was talking about Top Shop opening and Nic wanted to go real bad, so I we checked it out right quick…. I coulda copped a lot more stuff, but I’ll wait for the LA top shop to open at the grove….. I got some ill shorts and she bought a few things.
that store Shoe Palace is the biggest waste of space I have ever seen in a store. smh. big as fuck, bright ass lights, no inventory at all.


a few shots from the connecting bridge….
had dinner at one of my favorite spots RED 8, which is as good as Mr. Chows but more casual and that salt and pepper chilean sea bass is a problem!!! man. and I can wear shorts in there, they don’t trip!

I think I couldn’t sleep that night so I woke up at 5am and gambled til 6:30am and that was a waste…. just see-sawed from down $2k to up $300 to finally going back to my room down $80 smh

Nic has never ate at the Wynn buffet before so we did that and she loved it… it’s one of my mom’s favorite places smh… felt so stuffed after I wanted to go back to sleep and forget about the day…..

my boy Nick who owns CRSVR hit me up and scooped me up with his boy Low and we headed over to get a snack a the Bellagio cafe (which happens to be another one of my favorite spots, RIP DJ AM) so we chit chat about everything from bullshit to bullshit and then they take me over to Fruition to check out some different swag and then I lose my shit…. they have a 10000% Fendi Bearbrick in their store display!

polo by Moncler, skinny shorts by Marc Jacobs, hating by you

so we left there and headed over to see the champ do his thing….

Mayweather boxing club is in chinatown where the good Pho is! don’t tell me he’s racist lol…. I was hyped to see my money team fam! greeted at the door by big kip and 50 cent…. walked inside and seen everyone. but Roger Mayweather was serious as fuck, no smiles, just work…. saw the champ and gave him a pound and he was ready for war, but still smiling and in a good mood

no cameras or cell phones allowed inside the gym….
so that’s the only pic I got…

he sparred a while with another champ in his weight division… dude was nice too, he was going hard at champ and champ was going around 50% at most and after a few long rounds, dude’s face was getting busted up real bad. so bad that on a few jabs blood splattered all over champs cameraman Pistol Pete! I was like damn!!! it was only about 110 degrees inside the gym. smh. so hot I forgot that’s how it used to be when I wrestled in high school and college. mannn! then after champ was finished busting dude up (btw, dude floyd was sparring with got a belt and is 10-0!) he hit the bag and other things… so I chopped it up with some cats and watched a couple games and then me and Nick left back to the hotel.

Nic went shopping with her friend of course, then we went over to one of her all time favorite spots Serendipity 3!

this is our 3rd time at the vegas location and we both agreed, the new york OG spot is just way better…. but damn it’s still real good!

after that, it was movie time and I forgot what the hell we watched… but woke up again at like 4am this time and went downstairs to gamble, but I wasn’t feeling it and I watched some cats play casino War; yes War like the actual card game War smh…. I said this shit must stop and went back to bed at around 6am

woke up at like 10am and did what bosses do….


order boss ass room service! lol

we had a hell of a 59th floor view of the strip….

so high up we were lookin down at everything else

I went down to check out the shops in the Wynn, wanted to cop a few thing at Hermes, but they’re always sold out of shit…. makes me wonder because it’s not a secret that our economy is terrible, yet the most expensive store sells out of shit so fast and all the time????
I get a lot of inspiration from Graff and they’re jewels are flat out the best. fuck Harry Winston or De Beers or even Van Clef…. Tiffany is like hood shit compared to Graff and our work is better than Tiffany already so you know….
checked out the Wynn Rolex store and if you didn’t know that is the flag ship Rolex store for the earth. It is the best Rolex dealer on the planet no joke. they have every single possible Rolex always in stock. every color dial or gold you want with all the rare limited edition options, etc, they got it! but they do not negotiate at all. not even 1% you pay full pop and tax… they wouldn’t even give Champ a deal so he walked out on a 3 watch deal. but I checked out some watches and I just copped the Rose gold and Yellow gold day date II presidents, so I don’t know what else I want. hmmmm… I’m thinking a yellow gold Daytona is my next move.

so my boy Q came into town and I was going to check out and head back home because I have a gang of work to do and my new intern is already overwhelmed…. but Q forced us to stay another night and my first class flight back home wasn’t changeable due to wack ass expedia, so Q booked us a whole new set of tickets back home and put us up in a penthouse suite at the Mandalay Bay. #swag

I love separate elevator entrances… leaves the squares behind

our room was nice, but I didn’t care to take any pics. we had the highway 15 view so who cares lol
got some lunch downstairs and then I took a nap. I was so damn tired from all the walking!

walked over to the four seasons to meet up with Q and my worldstar fam and we then got driven to the MGM to peep out David Copperfield… for those who don’t know. the four seasons is actually inside the mandalay bay hotel and occupies 4 floors of the mandalay but has a totally separate check in. my boy Q had a 3000 square foot suite that was stupid with the views!

everyone loved the show and this is my 3rd time seeing him and none of the tricks were the same so I was impressed.

we then headed outside and jumped into the super lavish Worldstar tour bus. this shit was all leather seat, suede headliner-ed out! had the ill bar, a bathroom(mandatory) and a stripper pole in the back with a vip room!

headed back over to the mandalay, but this time “the Hotel” side to hit up a classic not new but still HOT joint. “Mix” now this restaurant and club is dope. I don’t fuck with the club side and never had, but their restaurant is fly as fuck. best view in vegas and their food is all the way official!

the view from the bar side.


you mighta seen this interior in a commercial… their whole swag is crisp

that’s how high up shit is…. 63 floors up!
I haven’t been to Mix in about 5 years or longer, but I should go more often now. there’s just too many good places to eat in Vegas. but I like the vibe here.

so we went back to our rooms, it was about midnight at this point and we needed to change up and head out over to Tryst….

me and Nic were just not feeling it at all… the best part of the club was driving to the club in the tour bus. real shit…. we got there, ordered 3 bottles off top. you already know….

but the crowd was wack, the DJ was trash…. I just couldn’t hang longer than an hour. so got back into the tour bus and headed back to the room….

my body was sore like I was training for a fight smh…
slept in like a motherfucker

woke up and had a late check out, but ordered some room service first….
then walked over to the four seasons and got a massage at the spa, then headed over to Q’s room for a meeting before our flight out…


I’m hyped about a few future business deals going on and I know we got a dope future with me and Q….

headed over to McCarran airport and jumped on our flight back to LA

if that ain’t a first class view, I don’t know what is….

got back into LA and headed over to the Americana to check out the five year engagement and even though I’m just not a fan of Judd Apatow these days at all, this was a pretty damn good RomCom. check it out if you’re older and in a relationship.

Saturday was all work. god damn….
so here we go with some work!!!!

with Dwyane Wade and Miami as the top seed in the NBA playoffs… I was already commissioned to make 2 pieces for my boy…. here’s the first one.


now last time, if you remember, I only made the Initial diamond tags with Z and z which were for Zion and Zaire(his 2 sons) and then the D for dada his nephew….

I’m still making him another chain now. so it might take a couple weeks as we just finished the basic artwork

next up, we made those diamond Ultra Frames with Vintage Frames…. so this time we made an all rose gold, yes real rose gold set of frames…. no words, just peep


of course everything we do has the “IF” tattooed on it! these are sweet tho!

next up, my boy Q had me make him another CEO size WS worldstar logo charm but this time in yellow gold and this time we iced out the sides of this beast! (we also iced out the sides of his current white gold one, but I gave that to him in vegas and didn’t take pics because I’m a fucker)


and we put it on a heavy thick/solid franco chain!
much love to my boy Q and much love to Worldstar Hip Hop!
we got a lot more work coming soon!

last jewelry piece is something I love to death!
took like over a month to make due to my diamond setters being so damn busy with our current workload and the style is a little different the way we pave’d the stones on top and we mixed a matte gold with a high polished gold. this is so clean!


we’ve made damn near every variation of a gold and diamond buddha piece, but this buddha head is fabulous! lol… shit is really clean. I wanted to ice out the bail, but I don’t wanna take away from the top of the head… I think this will be sold real fast!

and DAMN!
that was 2 hours to write up this whole blog and upload all the pics! maybe longer!!!

got a crazy day ahead… gotta link with Sean Kingston and T.I for their video and then the lakers game and a few other meetings and then my boy Kenny Hamilton’s bday party tonight!

god bless everyone
thanks for checking out my blog!
this should hold you over for a little bit!

excited for the fight!!!


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