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so one of the reasons I started blogging or getting on blogs and forums back 10 years ago was because it was a great way to promote my djing, my sneaker addiction and music opinions…. and now my jewelry. so with that popularity building, the promo items I get offered are crazy. you already seen I got a car from Cadillac and free paid trips and many other things… but now I really try to stay away from just getting anything free, because of course when you receive things, people expect shit back from you.
so yesterday was my first day back at work officially and I had a lot to do and was worried we might not have a busy schedule, but god bless because we are working…. on the other end, I had a shit ton of mail come in. free 1000% be@rbrick from my boy Edison Chen aka CLOT (thank you!) and a bunch of other stuff, but for the most part, the shit that I accept and rock, I show appreciation to and will blog here:

so here we go with FRESH PROMO!

shout out to my man Jon Buscemi from Gourmet kicks!!!!
he sent me these new gourmet Quattro’s and I fucking love them!
they not only are comfortable, they actually are kind of dressier than my ordinary vans. these are so fresh that he didn’t send me doubles, he sent triples!!!!


THANKS JON! I love these fucking kicks!
now I founds something different. I’m glad we linked. I appreciate the promo love.

next up….
shout out to Hennessy and #WHITERABBIT !!!!!
they sent me a fresh ass hennessy x apple ipod touch!


I can’t believe this because I tried to buy this 2 times in the last few months and Nic was like, no babe you don’t need it, you have 2 ipads! and an iphone! but I wanted one really bad, I just fuck with it for the size and capabilities!!!! THANK YOU HENNESSY! this is crazy!

last but not least….
shout out to my brother Q aka CEO worldstar
he bought me a WSHH chain and of course I made it…. I made my a little different than the other chains though. I iced out the bail like Q’s and I iced out the sides to give it a little extra flair!


threw on a 30″ vintage givenchy style link chain and now i”m GOOD!!

I think I might have sold my bearbrick collection… but you’ll have to wait til friday morning to hear about it. I can’t wait for our event thursday night. shout out to Guy Hepner gallery


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