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I don’t know what to say lil nephew…. I’ll start by this… your dad was an inspiration to my life to LA hip hop and street culture and while cats was hanging up posters of farrah fawcet on their walls, my homeys and inner city kids were hanging up posters of your mom from the ICE – T Power album and other legendary albums your dad made…. I remember you at 4 years of age…. long ass hair, your dad and mom brought you into my office during the making of “Return of the Real” and I remember the infamous “crack house”(Ice-T’s studio with the shark tank)….. too fucking many memories… well peep this Lil Ice: your dad always looked out for me since I was 12 years old sneaking into clubs and hanging out at the radio tron, etc…. So thats why I’ve always been like an uncle to you, I know you’ve had tons of big time uncles, but I’m always there for you, I wouldn’t have missed tonight for the world. Seeing all those pics your moms brought out tonight was a dope travel through time and made me feel so much damn older. Don’t think I won’t whoop your ass now because I’m watching you when you’re mom or pops can’t. They kept me in check when I was wilding, so I owe them the same respect. I got mad love for you lil homey. I always got you, so just holla. Stay tight with that golf game and just have fun fam!

I wish I had a scanner to post some OG pics when we didn’t have digi cams in the 80’s & 90’s…
but funny random pics of your parents…. also their legendary album covers

I’ll never forget the day I copped this CD… man my OG OG from back in the day homey DJ EVIL E…. Evil E, always a pleasure to see you bro, we’ve rocked a lotta parties in LA.

crazy shit…. this album cover is top 10 greatest in hip hop history for sure…
and then 20 years later….

me and your moms at the 20th anniversary photoshoot for KING mag for the Power CD

me and your pops last year right before I got on my crazy diet after the BET awards….

so you turned 18 fam! YOU’RE AN ADULT! I don’t need to be your guardian anymore and pick your ass up from the Grove when for curfew issues! lol. and you got a bad lil whip now!

we had thrown ICE’s bday party at a Los Angeles landmark restaurant; Yamashiro’s… it’s been a minute since I’ve been there, but they stepped up the decor and menu…. good times, lots of stories and most importantly, you are a man now ICE. Hope you had fun, again, I wouldn’t have missed this night for the world.

Ice and Moms…

lil, I mean grown up Ice and Uncle Ben

Ice opening his presents…. you better rep those Supras!

most important part of the night…. THE CAKE!

It was a clear ass night out, a beautiful hollywood view

again, happy birthday Ice!

p.s. yesterday was a great day, closed a few deals and was did my 1st interview ever with FORBES MAGAZINE! crazy shit…. never ever did I think that they’d be hitting me up on any level.

god bless… and 113 baby

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