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spent the day working online, finishing orders and shipping out this black pvd jewelry; we only have the big cross and beaded chain and the bracelet left, so serious inquires hit us up!

I had to stop by Platinum today to see my brother George, discuss a few things, just chop it up as usual, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to fully get my blog rolling the way I want and finally downloaded photoshop and Adobe Creative Suite 4 (thanks REX!) and this shit comes with everything! But it took like an hour to download! So now I just need to get nice with the Pshop and Illustrator!

So after Platinum, I made a left on Fairfax instead of pushin all the way down to San Vicente or Robertson… I know the corner very well as it’s my old High School! Lions!
So I shoot down a little more south to the Street Wear block…. Seen Chris CtotheJL and some homeys in front of Diamond…. shout out to Adelmo(TEAM L-R-G) and my boy Bee and Arsen….
I’m always fucking with Arsen because a while ago (actually right around the time my homey’s Che and Lil Chris past away in the terrible plane crash that Travis and my brother AM survived in) he released a fitted cap that was so fucking ill that I had to have it… only problem is, the MLB put a severe cease and desist against his shop Hall Of Fame, so they had to make it disappear! why? because the fitted cap I wanted that Arsen had made was the LA dodgers fitted(dead on the dodger blue and white LA letters) with the LA logo upside down. Man, shit was so fresh, but only 1 person that I know has one and that’s Niko.. you fuck! So just by coincidence, I’m passin thru to holla at my boys…. Arsen says “yo I got something for you” I get amped like the drink(had to plug them lol) and think he got the upside LA fitted for me…. but instead, he had something 2nd best which I’m sure the NFL will shut down asap…. he had the Raiders Fitted by Mitchell & Ness and of course… upside down is the logo

SHIT GOES HARD! and “no” to all my lean sippers out there, you’re not seeing this incorrectly, READ MY BLOG! DON’T JUST LURK AND LOOK! it’s upside down on purpose! I know Homicide gonna want one! This fitted along with a NY Giants, Chi Bulls, LA Kings and a few other teams goes on sale tomorrow Friday the 19th at:
Hall of Fame (449 N. Fairfax Ave. LA CA 90036 323-655-6002) they open at 11am!
BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE….. click on the link below


these shits will not last and there will NOT be a 2nd run of these, that’s for sure….

so it would be completely disrespectful if I went on fairfax without stopping by Supreme to say what up to my fam there…. Curtis, Javiar, Berto, Ben and of course my homey Jeff…. No matter what is going on with endorsements or what not, I’ll always rock something from Supreme as they are the godfathers to streetwear and just original flavor to the skate life shit from NYC to LA and global… I went in to say what up, haven’t been inside in the longest! Chopped it up with Jeff for a little bit and took a pic of his French Bulldog, because my friend loves these dogs, Curtis has one too, but he wasn’t in today….

as there’s too much gear to look at and I don’t wanna bother anyone, I check out their glass display to see what goodies or toys they got in and sure enough they got some shit I WANT AND I NEED! lol…. anyone who knows me, knows that I am a HUGE Bruce Lee fan and ever since Enter the Dragon where Bruce gets nasty with the Nun Chuks, I was a fan, I had 3 different kinds as a child (typical asian shit huh?) and even though I studied Tae Kwon Doe, not Jeet Kwon Doe, I swore I was nice! For my age, I was kinda nice with the Nun Chuks… and Jeff shot me a pair of these bad boys below…. they’re padded so I don’t hurt anyone  


So as I was walking out…. I ran into my man CottonMouth Lou aka OG in the game… and he had a pitbull puppy up for adoption… along with his full grown pit, sad, because I’d love to get another dog, but I don’t have the room in my small ass place…. but here she is

and lastly…

damn again, I had no idea Adobe products were so expensive!
I have the windows version of this(except the design premium version) and I never even got to open it, still sitting in the plastic, etc…. thanks again Rex, your jewels will be ready later tonight!

aite, well thank god it’s friday…. hope everyone has a great weekend!

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