good morning, good day

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Wake up, open my eyes and thank god for another day he’s given me. You know how haters be, wanting to make you a memory, over cuz you doin what they wanna do, I let them be. I can’t concentrate on the hate from others… stretching my arms and my legs as I’m takin off the covers. It’s a new day. It’s Monday, but it feels like a Tuesday cuz Sunday I put in work like the first day on the job. Then say to my grandma I love ya, even though she’s not living, I’m still blessed with her spirit. Walked to the bathroom to wash my face, brushed my teeth, took a piss and got some on the seat. fuck it, I’m still slick, my aim ain’t on point yet, I may need some more rest, my days be the longest, but sleep is forbidden. So I’m off to the showers I walk up outta there in about half of an hour because I write in the shower and I get dressed, get fresh, look in the mirror and tell myself, “yeh, YOU’RE THAT FUCKING _ _ _ _ _!”

I really feel that way too.

freshest shit I’ve heard in a while (thanks Cat, I had to jack this from your page from your homey)
“there are no coincidences in life just the perfect ebb and flow of our manifest destiny!”

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