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so last month, the people over at GM and Midway Car gave me a sweet 2011 brand new CTS-V and I drove that thing for a few weeks and loved the hell out of it, it really surprised the shit out of me! the only downside is that it got low gas mileage, but that’s not a car you’re buying to complain about gas mileage….. anyways, I drove it to the bay and back and it was so damn fast! I’ve never driven a more comfortable car that was that fast, hold up…. what I’m trying to say is that, that is the fastest comfortable luxury couple in the world. yes that would smoke a bentley GT speed or supersport for sure….

so a week ago, Sandra from Midway dropped off a brand new 2011 Cadillac Escalade to me…. this time? I’m gonna take it down to San Diego probably with some homies… so far, I really like driving this. I mean damn, I haven’t driven the audi or BMW in a long time! literally. This thing is much smoother than before. it’s really a competitor against the Range Rover now for real. I think I might wait until the new body style drops next year though if I cop a SUV….
but this car came to me with like 2,000 miles….. the CTS came with 160 miles, so both are just brand new for real.

here’s some pics


I love the digital gauges with the floating needles….


I haven’t used the entertainment system, but damn…. I should do another collab with xbox or ps3 and set up the games in the whip! Sony, Xbox, holler at me (side bar: I love that the NAVI is big and easy to use…)

lastly, I’ve never been a fan of rear bench seating… I love rear captains chairs. that’s my shit and this still seats 6 no problem.

thanks again Herman Dub magazine, Aaron from GM program and Sandra from Midway… I really appreciate the gesture and I hope I can work with you some more in the future


do you likes like the new layout?
I have had almost 18 people who have made it clear that they don’t like reading my site from a black background with white letter type…. and I also remember having my old site with the white background, but I hated the top banner picture. so I wanted to clean it up a little bit and change a few things around. I have all the same options for the site and updated the bio and gallery areas, but now as for advertisements, for a little while while my traffic is really higher than normal and at it’s best, I want to only fuck with those who have fucked with me heavy. so obviously you will see an ad space from Platinum Motorsport, Worldstar Hip Hop and my company/non-profit org. Friendly Earth… lastly I have my boy Art Torres up too for a little bit until SURU gets their ad space ready…. I might try to get a bigger ad company later, but for now, this is giving love back to my peoples.

OH! I’ve been working on a new t-shirt collab with Brooklyn Projects and man, this is my 1st collab in almost 6 years! I been so busy, I haven’t had time, so I’ve been sitting with Dom and a very talented graphic designer Mandee and we’re making a 2 maybe 3 part tee collab. shit is looking very DOPE! and after that, I have my watch, hoody and tee collab with Diamond and a few other major players are hollerin at me about some joints…. stay tuned!

thanks again and let me know what you think about the new layout
I’ll post some new jewels after the weekend!
peace (no metta)

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