gangsters of love (no homo)

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my homey JimmyBoi came thru this past weekend to chop up some business and I’m gonna go out to the H soon to host a mixtape for him… and celebrate my lil homey Drizzy Drake bday party. me and JimmyBoi actually talked a lot about spirituality and some shit deeper than rims, kush or rap music…. we went all over town, showed him both my hood’s from ktown(by the way shout out my lil homey IZ who me and Jimmy shot cameo’s to his new video to) then down to the Field…. took him to beverly hills down rodeo drive, ate lunch at La Scala, took him to the official Jamaican joint to eat dinner…. we even hit the slauson to visit Icee Fresh, took him to a few clubs and at the end of his trip, we avoided some gunshots from trigger happy youngsters…. I appreciate you lil homey and your movement. We gonna get it in soon… hope you having fun in Vegas. That was some insight for that ass that you and Kelly gave me…. with that I came up with this.

“The people who you love the most or love you the most are the ones that can hurt you the deepest. Sometimes though you have to resort to the most drastic measures in order to get the attention of the person you love, who’s right in front of you in order for them to see the bigger picture that’s further away. Remember everyone is different and not everyone’s tolerance levels are the same.”

“Many are called, but few are chosen” matthew 22:14

and you know IF’s motto…
“Many are cold, but few are frozen” The Cold Wave

stop lying, take responsibility for your actions and stay positive; the less you use the word “HATE” in your life, the better quality of life you will start to live, but remember you don’t have to like everyone.

we keepin this shit pushin to the 2010, let’s get it everyone.
I promise to post some pics this week…
we just finished a fully iced out prong set franco, fully iced out! shit is crazy…
my man mayor’s black diamond rosary…. a couple other things…. back like cooked crack!

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