Fuck a Grammy Weekend

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for the first time I did totally the opposite and left LA for a couple days with Nic to get away from the fuckery. and fuckery there was. the ones who love being in my city during these award show weekends really aren’t cats I want to be around, I may know them or I may even break bread with them on rare occasion but I just cannot be around that out of towner crowd…. I heard NOTHING jumped off how it really used to and so why waste my time? I’ve been so tied up working that I don’t have time for anything else but returning emails and basic shit. but on my hypocrite shit…. I hit up Playhouse on Thursday night to take my brother in law out and see my boys Eric Dlux and Igor and the playhouse crew…. it’s been a year since I’ve been there. crazy huh? I’ve only stepped out to a nightclub 5 times in the last year in LA.


of course it was crowded…. of course we popped bottles and of course the music was jumping! BUT the crowd is just waaay too young there for me

rewind a few hours earlier….
I had a cameo I needed to do in downtown LA at sunset (approx 4:55pm)
for the homey IZ


much love to him and my homies FM

so I got home kinda early (for club hours) did a few shots. but no champagne… still on my diet and when I woke up…. had to shoot a scene at the diamond store to wrap up an episode with my lil homey Sean Kingston. that’s 4 episodes in the can… 1.5 episodes left to close out the season!!!

after a bomb ass lunch at Cuvee’… back to shooting but this time some b-roll footage of the Reebok grammy gifting suite collaborated with the Jonathan Mannion “Classic” gallery showing at Milk Studios


Mannion started taking professional photos around 1996 and that’s kinda late in the game, but in our world now, that’s triple OG status…. I remember being in the same room with dude, but I had no idea who he was…. crazy how many memories some of these pics bring, especially the true golden era of hip hop.
we shot some footage there and I chopped it up with Mannion and wondered why is it that I have shot with every single major photog in hip hop culture or in his realm, except for him? haha, its coming soon though…. and later that night DJ Quik dj’d an ill set and a bunch of celeb’s showed up and Big Daddy Kane performed… but I was gone out of the city
much love to Hawaii Mike, Jonathan Mannion, Bee Nguyen and Kenny

I took off with Nic out of town for a couple days just to do regular shit but in a different area to avoid the bullshit…. as soon as we landed, we ate something official and then watched “The Vow” smh…. the movie was ok, definitely not great and not super terrible… BUT the theater was filled with a gang of single ladies and a majority of them were very overweight and I had to sit next to 2 teens, I mean like 15 year olds who were crying at around 8 minutes into the movie until almost the whole movie. I wanted to kill myself. Nic couldn’t hear them, but she wasn’t sitting next to them. I really wanted to say please shut the fuck up and even under my breathe sorta loud. but I didn’t wanna ruin it for Nic. smh fml

while I was watching the movie…. my boy Scott Vener aka broke mogul was stacking on a million

yes that is $1,000,000 in chips legit
fuck you Scott

oh well…. I slept well
woke up early. waaaaay too early
mcdonalds breakfast in a rolls royce fuck you

had a video shoot with Nic out by a park and I’m anxious to see how the video came out…. as soon as we got back to the hotel, we found out via twitter about whitney houston passing. damn shame. RIP. there are few celebrities left on earth who are even considered super stars. she’s in the top 10 living maybe prior to saturday…. condolences to my boy Damon Elliot

anyways, swag dinner then we went to go see Safe House (back to back movies on a weekend and I’m not mad!) Safe House had a shit load of action and was very entertaining, but the story was bland and done before. I was disappointed with the ending. oh well.

sunday, back in town, better weather and we headed over to the beach to get some brunch and seriously after more and more time spent in the south bay. I rather own a home in Manhattan Beach than in Malibu… I know, may sound crazy. but fuck malibu. such a damn nightmare getting there now unless you’re on a motorcycle that it ruins the trip and honestly? even the private beaches suck. Nobu is the only decent spot to eat at and I couldn’t give a cats ass if there are tons of million/billionares there. I’m more about manhattan beach’s energy…. a lot of good food on Highland too…. ate and ran into an old high school friend of mine and then we walked the pier and chilled for a couple hours in the area


I want that dog!

drove back home and cleaned up the house…. organized some shit and took a long ass nap! woke up to go to my in laws crib and eat dinner with them…. chilled out and watched the grammy’s at their house until I just couldn’t take no more…. I mean respect to Whitney Houston, but damn, Chris Brown? fuck it, i’ll chill…..

this pic sums up how I felt about the Grammy’s
sad thing? as bad as that outfit is, that shit wasn’t even a fraction of how fucking terrible Nicki Minaj’s performance and song was. I mean I know she’s trying to be different, but gott dangmnnggmgng. in my over 30 years of watching the grammy’s (yes I was watching them since I was 6) I will say that was by far the worst performance and song ever. that was so bad that I really think that will be so hard to beat and so embarrassing to her and to hip hop. I mean it was so bad that I was actually in a fucked up mood for the last 34 hours or so. smh!!!!
I don’t even remember anything else, so bad that even if millions of people are talking about it, that does NOT mean she won, she absolutely fucking lost and lost her mind. it was not a success because people are talking about it. I mean… what balls do you have to actually think that anyone would like that? some kids or a lot of kids are impressionable and easily influenced, so from being force fed that crap on a huge show, they might think that is what’s cool. WELL THAT SHIT AIN’T COOL! that shit gotta be talked about and stopped before it ever happens or tries to happen again. whatever dumb ass yes men in her camp approved that? smh

another thing that drives me nuts is that some of the decent spots I used to eat at here in LA during 2002-2008 like Bossa Nova are places I cannot eat at anymore because they have become total ratchet ass hood spots. sucks…. roscoes is a 2 hour wait minimum during these fuckery weekends and the Beverly Center becomes the Fox Hills mall. so I’m just glad I wasn’t near any of that.

so the sale is done and THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO COPPED ALL THE MICRO AND BABY AND FULL SIZE JESUS PIECES and all the other stuff too.
we had to re up on everything!

14k rose gold and yellow gold francos and micro bead chains

we have never ever made this much rose gold jewelry in a while!

here’s a couple small things

my boy Susu proves that you can be a billionaire and not need anything big. you already know I stay rocking smaller to medium sized jewels now…. that rich boy prong set jewelry excites me, fuck the feds

back to the swag smaller ice


I love those crosses. So much that I’m rocking the yellow gold version right now. micro pave and invisibly set in the center… pretty heavy and just over 2 carats total.

well we got those rocking now and we have some BIG big projects coming….

yesterday I finally got up with my Worldstar Fam at their telly and my boy Q is dropping so much cake at these 5 star hotels that they’re making WS deserts!!!!

that’s crazy though when a true world recognized 5 star hotel knows what worldstar is!!!!

Q and the WSHH crew finally came down to slauson to check out my store and copped a bunch of stuff for valentines day and to check out what I was working with…

of course what you don’t see in the pic is 4 armed guards and a police officer escort
shit ain’t gonna be easy for anyone. if they woulda made it easy for us, we woulda made it easy for y’all….. but we got some more things coming. I’m bout to start working on some apparel for them too.

aite, boring shit. I’m just planting seeds and manicuring the flowers I planted a while ago. all this shit is finally coming to play

p.s. anyone want to buy my R8? 2009 model, 13k miles, every single possible option including the entire carbon package interior, side blades and full motor package. let me know. dead serious…. everything but the prius and panamera gotta go.

I gotta ship out some shit and I hope everyone has a great valentines day with their boo’s…. back to the grind because it never stops really


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