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tell me this isn’t an ill gift basket? candies & patreezy?

so I’m bout to head to do a lil cameo in the new Fly Society (TK, Felix and Hit)Video for Super Stars…. I’mma rep for ICEE FRESH & PLATINUM LIFESTYLE and of course Supra! They’re shooting the video in the San Fernando Valley and of course I’ll have pics later.

also, later tonight, I gotta hit the “K-DCMA” release party for their new shoe @ the DCMA store….

Yesterday, I hit up my man Ashley(SUPRA) to get right for the video today and he laced me with some new Vaiders that come out at the end of January….. White Tuf Vaiders…. so clean, they shoulda called them the YAYO Vaiders!
f.y.i. the “TK Society’s are set for a May 1st release” and be on the look out for a super exclusive collaboration with yours truly Ben Baller x Supra Vaider


p.s. DJ and Ashley, good lookin out always! and for making me feel truly part of the SUPRA family. We bout to bring this sneaker game back to 2002/2004 when shit was no joke and I’ll show you how I still run this game!

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