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not that I really give a shit today, but I’m sure in 2 years or more, I will be making easter eggs for my son and planning ill easter egg hunts for him and his friends!


you know how I love to break out the OG ill stories right? lol… let me tell the odd one about Michael Jackson… back when I was making his jewelry, I ran into his chef again who I met a long time ago when I was working with my boy Jean Marie Horvat who mixed the Dangerous album…. so one time Michael was in Paris and he was about to leave his hotel villa and the chef asked if there were any special requests for when he came back to the room…. Michael said “yes, I want you to hide easter eggs and chocolate all over the hotel room so that when I come back, my little friends and I can have an easter egg hunt” and this chef is known for cooking the best of dishes to souffle desserts… and he’s requested to hide chocolate easter eggs lol…. best part of the story? it wasn’t even easter and it was night time. #okbye

OKAY, YOU KNOW I LOVE MONSIEUR A’ AKA MR. A AKA ANDRE’ the parisian graf artist’s work!!! now this motherfucker did a collab with Moet & Chandon for his own Rose’ bottle!!!!
I need this… any of my connects let me know!

holla…. I know I’ll be posting a bottle of this soon, someone/anyone who is reading this… please make it happen quicker for your boy!!!

so the weekend is just another day. I wish it was a rest day, but it’s not. and if Nic suffers from pregnancy pain, then I suffer haha, damn

of course there’s jewels for the weekend so let’s get that out of the way…


two totally complete opposite ends of the spectrum…. custom jewelry (btw that patrick piece is completely micro pave’d) and then you got a franck muller conquistador!

and after searching for maybe over a year straight for a micro mini cuban link chain we found a couple in 14k and 18k! mannnnn! we also made a sick new bar/scroll type piece with “GOD SPEED” on there…


the micro cuban link look so damn good on both the bar piece and the micro jesus! btw, both are for sale right now!

so off the jewels…
our furniture finally came in so we are 99.9% moved in! all we need is outdoor patio furniture and our bbq grill which I’m copping this week! (see bogus ass shit I get excited about these days)


I won’t post many parts of our new home, but our living room and dining room is complete finally…. gonna have some nice get togethers soon that I look forward to.

linked up again with Pete Wentz to figure out what we’re gonna make him and it’s something simple, but cool and unique because it’s custom and not often done, if done at all! Pete is big on art, all types, but mainly street art…. he flosses 2 big KAWS original pieces in his hallway


that right there is a lot of $$$$ and its only going up and up.

man… we shot all day thursday and all day and through the night on friday… my first season is wrapped and will be on a google channel online. stay tuned for details…. it’s looking like late July still, but maybe early august! and I literally have 2 days at most of filming to just get more fill in stuff and 1/2 of ep of 1 remaining piece needed to be complete! thank you Josh, Danny and Bo and our sound guy and intern carlos!

in boring social network news….


I broke 50,000 on both instagram and twitter this weekend. salute to my followers!

I checked out a Rapide a few days ago at the dealership down the street from my condo and smh…. I just can’t do it. lucky for me the interiors of the ones available right now aren’t ones I’m crazy about, so it’s a little easier for me to stay away… but if there were a black on black with piano black wood or stainless trim? shiieetttttt….

if you’re gonna spend over $200,000 on a car, make sure you get everything you possibly want and desire on that car! but real talk, that key alone made me want to cop. smh… and the engine sounds so damn beastly! it’s got a good deep bass to it! NO! damn I gotta find a new car to replace the 7 okay… so due to the guilt, I went ahead and ordered the fattiest food I could possibly think of. shit, I actually probably averaged around 4000 calories or more a day for the past 48 hours fml.

the tenderloin stroganoff at Granville cafe in glendale is crazy! make sure you ask for the noodles al dente’ and then after that….. wetzels pretzels bites with cheese dip? smh. I gained about 6lbs in an hour…. but it’s all good because I took a shit on that whatever movie “American Reunion” I swear the first one was good, no doubt…. the others I couldn’t even watch fully through… but this? it had potential…. but had it not been for Stifler, this movie would have really sucked. it was okay. I’d wait to stream it for like $2.99 or wait for redbox.

easter sunday, I tried to sleep in, but Nic player hated on me…. smh, she’s having major insomnia with her 2nd trimester and mannnn. I wish there was some sort of safe no side effect ambien she could take!
anyways, I cut my wig, threw on a long sleeve button up and some chinos and headed over to the Universal Hilton Hotel for their sunday champagne brunch! I won’t lie, shit was pretty official. almost Wynn/Bellagio vegas official… but I wasn’t mad…. went with my in laws and they’re always good company there was so much damn food there… they had everything! damn, breakfast, omelettes, chinese food, desserts, italian, cat food! (jk) but you get the picture… didn’t want to take any pics of the place, but man it was packed!


if you know anything about fly architecture, then look hard and you’ll see the flyest house ever made in the 20th century. I mean that too. since 1982 this was my favorite house and I always wanted to buy it… I have driven up there a few times and by the time I could afford it, it’s not for sale and even though it’s maybe worth about 2 million max and I mean max because it’s so small…. people have offered 10 million and the owner didn’t want to sell…. so I doubt I’ll ever own it. but I still love it. hold up? but can you see it though? lol….

okay, so now to end the blog on the creepiest shit ever… I saw this on saturday night around 2am and it fucked me up lightweight… Nick Diamond posted this pic on his instagram of his fireplace and he had to take it down because fools were trippin on there! Nic (my wife) saw it at 4am and freaked out… now Nick just had a baby and lives with his girl and they’re the only ones in the house….

click on that pic to enlarge it and tell me do you see something?
that girl you see is NOT Nick and is NOT Michelle! so wtf?????

have a great week!!!
I gotta get it in with these pieces…. Pusha T I got you famlam! don’t worry about shit!

peace everyone!

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