Diamond Pillows

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in over 2 years of this blog’s history, I have never blogged about pillows. smh
and I’m not even talking about my down pillows with the 800 thread count covers… I’m talking about the hottest christmas gift to anyone just because! they have 4 colorways! but I got 2 of the same… might grab a couple today! They’re made really well and the backs are made of leather!

as I’m typing this blog I’m using them to give me a little back support and they’re working! haha

also had to pick up this new color snapback

last night I went to go see a private IMAX screening of Missions Impossible 4 (Ghost Protocol) and the screening was actually held at the IMAX headquarters…. shit was very very fly. music played by my boy DJ SKEE and a lot of familiar faces in the house. I got a tour of the studio and met some very cool people who work there at IMAX but let’s get to the movie. shit was dope! I enjoyed it and especially in that private screening room! it was shot in 2D but shot with an IMAX camera so it was all the way official…. all the crazy hijinks and stunts and damn the dubai and india scenes made me miss traveling! that BMW i8 car is INSANE!

just the fact this gift pack came from IMAX themselves is cool enough for me…. I might have to check out the movie again on my own! it was that entertaining and it was a long movie!
go check it out

shout out to Diamond Supply again and IMAX!

also yesterday had to meet up with some clients… one of them Wale and as I was on the block, I ran into the neighborhood hustler…. Nipsey Hussle

he was shooting a music video and I had to get my cameo on… of course lol

one of my clients copped a new fat heavy full size jesus piece with an OG cuban

speaking of Jesus’s, we made our first canary diamond baby jesus piece and it’s sitting along a rose gold baby jesus and a yellow gold white VS diamond baby jesus….

we also just got in micro bead chains now finally for our micro jesus pieces! I’ll show a pic after the weekend!

here’s some sneak pics of shit to look forward to next week!

my boy Q finally said fuck this, let me get that World Star chain!

and progress on the Play Cloths “Jack” logo….

this will be finished by next week before xmas & it will be FULLY ICED OUT! ridiculous! in fact Pusha’s in town today…. might have to link up!

peace and enjoy your weekend

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