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there wasn’t much HEAT over the weekend in LA… there wasn’t ANY HEAT in chicago this weekend either!

let’s just get that out of the way before we do anything else! lol
in the history of D Wade’s career there is NOBODY who can say they defecated on him like that…. Taj Gibson seriously cleaned his entire colon and asspipe all over Dwyane smh….. WOW! just fucking wow!

I’ll be in chicago next weekend for my dude Sean Mac’s bday…. should be a rager!
I’m sick they’re not playing in the Chi when I’m there… but I will be watching with my chicago homeys lol….

anyways, this weekend, Nic was off in Cabo with her close friends… one of her friends is a land developer and owns a sick house in Cabo… she jumped on the G5 and the rest is for instagram lol

so with that said, I was in very good company with my sidekick, left hand gat Franchise… my crooks fam and my canadian fam fam….. a lotta food, a lotta laughs, 1 dope as fuck bar and 1 shitty ass nightclub


so I ran some errands…. finished up these g-shock diamond dials for Blue & Cream….. finishing up some other smaller pieces, so after I finished work early and headed over to Potato Chip for a quick meeting and bite with my boy Scott Vener (executive music supervisor for Entourage and How to Make It In America and other TV shows) and we just talked about all the industry rumors….. truths, lies and when we’re gonna have our next podcast with Hot Karl and it’s the real lol. the food was very good, just a little too simple of a restaurant for me and they’re open for only 4 hours each day….. more on sandwich spots later

after that, I chopped it up with my homey George at Platinum Motorsport and we debated for about 2 hours if I should go HAM on my 7 again and throw on the Hamann suspension again and a Hamann rear spoiler lip and these new wheels they just cut…. SICK!
why? because Bimmerfest was the following day…. so I got lazy and didn’t do it. said fuck bimmerfest (but inside I really really wanted to go)

I got to the crib…. but stopped to get some cookies at the beverly center and some cologne and a new vacuum, but no actual shopping smh

watched the game and took a real quick 30 min nap….
woke up and got the fam together to meet in K-Town at the official, super official steez!

in my opinion, Aroma spa has better massages than anywhere in Beverly Hills does. #realtalk you can cop a lifetime membership there now too for cheap…. like $40,000

my navi is telling me…. I’m in my hood! so I get to Koreatown and my boy D Crooks is always on time! I fucking love it… it’s the korean in him! every single time we meet, that fucker is always on time! never on that filipino time lol
so me and him and young joey and Matt G (M GEEZY! RANSOM, STUSSY, GOODFOOT, TORONTO) and another homey Matte who’s down with my entire OVO crew as well in toronto and get it the fuck in! mannnnn

fuck a ruth chris….. this shit is excellent! ugggghhhh

look at the marble in that beef! how many korean restaurants that you know have Kobe Beef Roast Gui? ummm almost none!

my boy Matt was the president of Pastelle (kanye) and with that and his stores/brands Ransom etc, he’s always traveling, so I was hyped that he was down with going to an authentic restaurant instead of a watered down but still good fancier place. when the kim chee bokum bop came out, cats knew that shit is no joke!
so we chopped it up there til after closing time and then tried to figure out where the hell can we go that isn’t LA-fake-ish or has the OC/IE crowd there….. Matt and D were like let’s hit Andre’s new club (Andre aka Monsieur A aka Mr A the famous grafitti artist, hotel owner, club owner from paris finally opened up his spot here in Hollywood) and that shit IS FLY AS FUCK! man. from the pissy smelling alley entrance… to walking up 2 different staircases with grafitti done by famous artists like neckface to Andre of course…. (you mighta caught Andre in the beginning of Exit Through the Gift Shop bombing the walls of paris) and then you enter through a kitchen like goodfellas style and there’s a dancefloor and a long bar and a few rooms…. later on in the night, there’s naked girls and all types of crazy shit. BUT you never feel like you’re in LA (maybe a 1970 retro LA) and it feels real vintage and energy is real cool….. and the drinks are NOT expensive. Bottles of Veuve Yellow Label are like restaurant prices!
so we got a few rounds of Don Julio silver and Pineapple and then some rounds of Jameson….
seen Lindsay Lohan (smh she don’t learn) in the corner sipping something that wasn’t water (soda/water or any non alcoholic beverages are poured in taller cups, rule of a bar) because she was sipping out of a medium/small cocktail glass….. a very cool looking crowd and then we ran into my homey’s Angel and Chad Muska from KR3W/Supra…. and my lil homey Joe aka 3H

and some graf


I swear when we walked outside, it smelled like someone came by and freshened up the urine smell. smh we actually shook out early on some grown man, I mean old man swag

speaking of swag and art lol

the little homey Tyler drew me a 1 of 1 style OFWGKTA upside down cross… I actually think I might frame this because it represents all thats bad, which means thats cool! hahaa


woke up no hangover…. but woke up with no wifey haha, while I’m at my small shack, Nic’s in cabo in a 10 bedroom mansion ON THE SAND LITERALLY!

so I headed out to have lunch with my friend Rachel Sterling and Patrick Hoelck at Chateau Marmont

now the weather sucked, but the atmosphere there is ALWAYS fresh and cool…..

so I chopped it up with them real real quick cuz I had to get to the Crooks event that started already but you know they say filipino time is a few hours late lol….

left there and headed to crooks and made a good mistake but maybe not really?
I was chillin with Rob (co-founder/CEO) of crooks and he had some super duper top shelf OG and I took some hits with my homey Capo and Franchise….. about 20 minutes later, I was so high that I couldn’t walk or stand up straight lol SMH…. SHAKING MY DAMN FUCKING HEAD! I literally was so high that I had to walk to the back of the store in the offices and try to neutralize…. I was in the back bugging out! haha, chilling with my boys son who was asleep! mannnnn

I couldn’t even have a decent convo with old friends like Ben Hundreds who has known me for almost 10 years and prolly thought I was being a dick lol…. I emailed Nic and said farewell lmao! jesus…. another friend of mine Natalie looked at me like I was crazy and we talked about the last 4 years and I tried my hardest to be normal…. and I was looking at my homey D and was like damn, how the fuck can you smoke 7 of these back to back to back and back like it’s nothing? I smoke every other day and whatever, but man! I was lit up like christmas smh

what’s sad is I didn’t take a single pic of the actual event… and it was packed inside and out…. a LOT of people were buying gear and shit and there was a bbq and out of all the things, I took these 2 pics. smh

the only thing I actually remembered to grab and now that I remember, I left that towel someplace smh…..

and then

in the midst of my uber highness and paranoid state of mind…. I grabbed this Louisville Slugger x Crooks baseball bat collab lol. damn

finally I became normal, said peace to my homey’s and we shook out to Koreatown to grab Boiling Crab FINALLY!


now we ordered a few pounds of king crab legs, few pounds of shrimp, few pounds of clams and obviously all with the whole shebang! and then some of their bomb ass lemon pepper chicken wings and catfish! but as for the shrimp and clams??? honestly? the k-town location isn’t as good as the rowland heights, westminster or alhambra locations…. real shit and I was high as a spaceship and everything tastes great when you’re stoned… but it was just good.

so I got back finally to the trap and kicked it with my little protege and watched Ajusshi on blu ray and then threw in Chingoo until finally we all came up with a plan to get out and do something… I was feeling getting out, not raging, but def getting out….

so we decided, fuck it, the only thing to do is go to Supperclub and damn do I regret it….

a giant cluster fuck on Hollywood blvd… green light and look at my heads up digital display…. read “0mph” we didn’t move for a few lights…. took like 10 minutes to move per 1 block! I shoulda known! but that how it always is every weekend fml

our boy Neran runs the club sorta and I know some other cats there….. my boy Suk is the promoter there and my boy Marshall Barnes was the DJ….. but you know what? the club on saturday night just sucks…. I mean it was jam packed in there….. but filled with valley, SGV and just bridge and tunnel type crowd smfh….. we got a great table, but we had a minimum of 3 stacks and honestly? I wasn’t even in the mood to drink heavy…. I just smoked, but we still got it in with magnums of Tron, Veuve and some other shit….. but I felt cheated after….. but my direct immediate company was good. I just was disappointed with that club….. but I heard the weekday nights are good there.
I mean I did see some funny ass shit though go down right at my table…..
story 1:
a drunk guy walks over to this guy who’s table is next to mine and says “I hate Arab people!” the guy says to the drunk guy “I’m not Arab” (I think he was Indian or maybe a sikh) and the drunk guy then says “I hate pakistani people!” guy says “i’m not pakistani” and then drunk dude says “I hate middle eastern people!!!!” and dude says “i’m not middle eastern” and I’m like lightweight amazed a bottle hasn’t been broken over this drunk white cat and also laughing to myself…… so then the drunk guy finally puts his drink down on this guys table and says…. “well how about this, I hate YOUR kind of people” and left…. smh I woulda killed this dude…

story 2:
This girl was blockin my table and she was kinda cute, had purchased body parts and a I’m a broke slut outfit…. and literally elbowed me like a few times of me coming in and out of my table…. so I walked over for the last time and said EXCUSE MEEE! in her ear right quick and then pushed her to the side…. she goes “HOW RUDE!!! don’t get your cheap drink on my dress! MY DRESS IS GUESS!!!!” and as I sat down, I thought wtf? did she want me to guess what kinda dress she had? who gives a fuck! and then I said to myself… really? like really? wow! I figured out she was wearing a GUESS jeans dress roflmao! are you kidding me? cot danggg mane. I’m done with life….

marshall has props now? damn….. 20 foot tall MB logo pop ups on each end of the DJ Booth…..
it’s check out time! check please! smh

after the valet parking nightmare…. we hit up DuPars for gluttony and damn. you already know… flapjacks! and their bomb as hell tuna melt!
we had some good laughs and that made up for the entire night… I felt bad because I’m sure my boy Matt G thinks I’m crazy for taking him there, but he knows…. that was just an off night!

I didn’t get the best sleep…. I was still surprised that girl was trippin off her $79 dress like I was trying to ruin her dress? mannn

didn’t feel like getting out of the house yet….

went to this spot right down the street called Sodapops that has bomb ass sandwiches and a helluva glass bottle soda selection! #canesugar try the chicken or steak bomb sandwich, trust me

but you know what?
I went to CVS to get some bottled water…..

and I seen my diastolic and that’s kinda high. not good…. need to get on my healthy shit ASAP! enough punishment on my body for real though

I went to go pick up Nic at the Santa Monica Airport……

the homey’s JET is no joke.

so I rushed back home to watch that great game… and you know what? Miami played. they showed up and played a good game… NOBODY CAN SAY THEY WERE OFF OR WHATEVER…. they just were OUTPLAYED by the bulls. real shit. Chicago just came out with more finesse!

and with that I was instantly in a great mood! :))))) hahaha now, I have to see game 2 before I speak crazy, but I don’t think Miami is gonna beat Chicago, but we’ll see…..

I shook out to get Thai food with Nic’s parents, real chill…. she was tired of eating fatty foods in Mexico


tom yum and some duck does a seoul pretty good….. Ruen Pair is one of the most authentic thai restaurants in LA for sure…. check it out and grab me a chrysanthemum tea please!

anyways… I headed over to get a healthy lunch in K-Town early today…..

this is what I will be eating more often and the soda has to be cut down to 16oz a week to nothing pretty much smh

everyone have a great day!
I’ll be in San Diego tomorrow if I can get myself to drive down lol…..


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