chillin on Santa Monica Blvd….. literally

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so I read this tweet last night 

and I see my homey DJ FIVE is spinning somewhere in L.A. and I’m thinking upstairs at playhouse… so I’m like aite, I’m having a bymyself meeting which will be done shortly(everyone should meet with themselves every month to discuss things over) and then I want to go head and see my homeys…. I text Stonerokk and they’re at the old Trader Vics(SUPER OG Beverly Hills spot) called Plush/Bar210 now… Stonerokk says “be careful, it’s a VERY weird crowd” now for Mike to say that…. gives me reason for warning…

I walk in and see this immediately

I immediately knew it was gonna be an unusual evening already lol…..

So I walk in and I’m hearing the usual Rihanna, Jay – Z and Stone is doin his thing… he has come a fucking super long way since I’ve 1st heard him DJ at Guys and places 10 years ago….. he’s been seasoned way iller than OLD BAY or Lawry’s salt…. kid was meant to do this… but fuck the music, all I see around me around jeans with studs on them and blazers(no not the nike shoe) but dress coats and just weird ass people…. Five is there taking shots of patron like it’s really 7up…. smh
then these cats get into some whole other shit! I mean, I’m hearing a little bit of drake, kanye, gucci…. THEN Stonerokk does shit not even a tweeker could do…. he goes into an electronic set to droppin Nightcrawlers(super OG techno/house shit) into some newer hip hop….

then him and Five went right into a crazy 80’s set from Berlin to the Cure to New Order and even a fucking mix remake done by Kylie Minogue smh lolololol… this fool even played the BANGS!!!! lolol

stone continued his 80’s ill mix from a fresh Axel F blend into Mike Jack…..
and then Five got on for a sec to get into a dirty south, from Young Money to Wacka Flocka and the club was about 30min to closing and then Stonerokk went into tweeker mode again… he started playing oldies… I mean, this fool PLAYED RITCHIE VALENS “cmon let’s go” !!!!!!!!! He even played maurice williams “stay” (you may have heard the song in the Dirty Dancing soundtrack) smh….. this guy walked up to Stonerokk and was like “can you please some faster beat music?” Stone said, “naw, I can’t…. the club is closing down and we want people to leave….” and then this dude in his curly archangel type stud hoody and mad creed cologne was like…. “OKAY IS THIS WHY YOU ARE PLAYING JOHNNY ROCKET’S MUSIC?” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL LMAO! the illest part was dude said it in the super thick persian accent. crazy…. Stonerokk ended the set with Mad Cobra FLEX and I reminisced about the video channel called “THE BOX”(youngsters don’t know)….. hillarious…. I had enough…. we all shook and headed to the tilt. Funny thing is Stonerokk is a radio station or record label with payola’s worst nightmare…. because He wouldn’t play a record for longer than 45 seconds literally… so BDS wouldn’t pick up the spin….. also he had gas and a fucked up stomach, Five was faded and playing the same songs Stonerokk was playing literally 4 songs prior lolol. But these cats were PURE ENTERTAINMENT…. thanks guys.

sent this pic to every skam artist dj I knew…. they all chuckled, Triple XL felt indifferent

only person I knew in the entire club… playmate Roxanne Dawn…

funny, she played my love interest on the Tila Tequila MTV show I was a part of….

I actually like woMEN…. totally straight

patron was gone…. we was outro…. patron pineapple = win…. FACT

Ironic, driving home today from Homicide’s crib, I seen a rainbow…. sign?

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